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Re: [Patch] Add option to reduce amount of reflection data to gcj...

Ranjit Mathew wrote:

[Some nitpicking from a Texinfo newbie and enthusiast.]

David Daney wrote:

+@item -freduced-reflection

The rest of the options in this list also do not follow this,
but still: Shouldn't this be "@item @option{-freduced-reflection}"

+For code that does not use reflection (i.e. the methods in the
+@code{java.lang.reflect} package), @code{-freduced-reflection}
+will result in proper operation with a savings in executable code size.
+JNI (@code{-fjni}) and the binary compatibility ABI
+(@code{-findirect-dispatch}) do not work properly without full
+reflection meta-data.  Because of this, it is an error to use these options
+with @code{-freduced-reflection}.

"@option{-fjni}" instead of "@code{-fjni}",
"@option{-findirect-dispatch}" instead of "@code{-findirect-dispatch}",

Well I would say in theory, you are correct. However I think it is best to commit it as is because the rest of the file uses similar style.

Then there should probably be a follow on patch to use @option{} in the proper places in the entire file.

David Daney.

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