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Re: [Patch] PR java/19870: Private static members accessed across nested classes (Part 2, Take 2)

On 8/14/05, Ranjit Mathew <> wrote:
> Hi,
>   Here is a resubmission of the patch for PR java/19870 part 2:

And attached with this message is a version of the patch without
any changes to the comments to highlight only the substantive 
changes. Please note that should this patch be approved, I would
still like to apply the original patch to reduce the effort.

As I said in one of my messages, I have renamed nested_field_access_p()
to nested_member_access_p() to reflect the fact that it can now
handle FUNCTION_DECLs as well, since I didn't want to write a 
separate function to replicate the "nestedness" checks.

Similarly, build_outer_method_access_method() is now
build_nested_method_access_method() to reflect the fact
that it can now handle accesses from inner to outer, from
outer to inner and between sibling nested classes.

The rest of the patch makes GCJ generate accessor methods
for static method accesses too.

Please let me know if I have left out anything.

OK for mainline?


Ranjit Mathew      Email: rmathew AT gmail DOT com

Bangalore, INDIA.    Web:

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