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-ko on libjava/external/sax/org/xml/sax/helpers/

Re: -ko onlibjava/external/sax/org/xml/sax/helpers/

4.0 Patch (please!): ImageIO fix from Classpath

4.0 Patch: Makefile fixlet

4.0.2/4.1 PATCH: Don't use vsnprintf on Tru64 UNIX V4.0

4.0.2/4.1 PATCH: Enforce PIC code for mips libffi (PR libgcj/21943)

4.0.2/4.1 PATCH: Support amd64 libffi on Solaris 10/x86

4.0.2/4.1 PATCH: Support amd64 libjava on Solaris 10/x86

[4.0] Patch: build fix

[4.0] Update URL for Jacks (Was: Re: [PATCH] Use vague linkage for Java methods)

[Committed] Fix ChangeLog typo

Re: [cp-patches] [patch] document BufferCapabilities

Re: [cp-patches] [RFA/JDWP] IdManager

Re: [cp-patches] [RFA/JDWP] ReferenceKey

Re: [cp-patches] [RFA/JDWP]

Re: [cp-patches] Patch: FYI: Fix PR libgcj/20273

Re: [cp-patches] Re: -ko on libjava/external/sax/org/xml/sax/helpers/

Re: [cp-patches] Re: -ko onlibjava/external/sax/org/xml/sax/helpers/

Re: [cp-patches] Re: Patch: FYI: fix http Headers oddity

[gcjx] Patch: FYI:

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: -nostdheaders argument

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: <clinit> and .class files

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: abstract method handling

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: another JNI header fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: array types and vtable

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: avoid backquote

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: avoid crash with line number == -1

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: avoid crash with variable ranges

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: avoid spurious warning

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: BC-related cleanups

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: boot class path

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: boxing and unboxing

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: bytecode lowering fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: change 'catch' type handling

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: checkcast fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: class reference in vtable

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: clean up label handling

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: clean up statement iterator use

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: cleanups -vs- 'return'

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: cni header fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: CNI header generator fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: CNI headers -vs- interfaces

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: compute correct max_locals

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: DECL_EXTERNAL handling

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: decode utf8 correctly

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: definite assignment -vs- .class

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix class registration

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix descriptor error in aot code

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix two declarations

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: foreach

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: gcjx -vs- jni headers in libjava

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: gcjx CNI fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: handle array access

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: handle invoke_* opcodes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: header guard names

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: implement BC ABI

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: JNI header generation fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: JNI stub fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: libjava Makefile fixlet

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: make gcj link

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: make LABEL_DECLs artificial

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: merge verifiers

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: minor classloader fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: minor libgcj fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: more BC-related fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: name mangling fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: redo verifier notification

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: remove unused code

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: rename output_constant_pool

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: set DECL_CONTEXT correctly

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: trivial comment cleanup

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: verifier fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: verifier notification (part 1)

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: warning avoidance

[java/c++/rfc] avoid plt references to cni methods

[java/rfc] cleanup emit_register_classes and friends

[java/rfc] don't call make_decl_rtl from the front end

[Java] Clean-up TREE_OVERFLOW usage in the Java front-end

Re: [java] Fix builtins decls

[libjava] Cleanup automake conditionals (part 1)

[libjava] Cleanup automake conditionals (part 2)

[libjava] Cleanup automake conditionals (part 3)

Re: [libobjc] Make exception.c safe for unwind.h

[PATCH PING]: Add some java format attributes

[patch] 4.0.x build fix for darwin with awt.

[Patch] @author tags cleaned up

[patch] add --with-java-home configure option

[patch] add FreeBSD/PowerPC bits to boehm-gc

[patch] buffer strategy framework

[patch] Bug #20015 JMenu stays open but should not

[patch] document BufferCapabilities

[patch] document BufferStrategy

[patch] document ImageCapabilities

[patch] document VolatileImage

[patch] DSASignature

[Patch] file listing

[patch] fix -verbose gij option

[Patch] Fix BitSet.get(int, int) breakage.

Fwd: [PATCH] Fix gcc/java Makefile dependency bug

[PATCH] Fix when addr2line does not exist

[patch] Fix PR java/22189

[Patch] Fixed name of Brian Gouph

[Patch] Fixing Brian Gough's name for real

[patch] FYI: Fix GtkWindowPeer inset calculations

[patch] FYI: gij -version quotes

[patch] gjnih

[patch] glib thread initialization


[Patch] merged


[Patch] - @author tag fixed

[Patch] - socket classes partly merged







[Patch] merged



[patch] is missing some imports

[patch] import https handler from GNU Classpath

[Patch] import statements cleaned up

[Patch] java.awt - GraphicsDevice and GraphicsEnvironment

[Patch] java.awt.AWTEvent

[Patch] java.awt.BorderLayout

[Patch] java.awt.BufferCapabilities merged

[Patch] java.awt.Component

[Patch] java.awt.Font

[Patch] java.awt.FontMetrics

[Patch] java.awt.image.ConvolveOp

[Patch] java.awt.image.IndexColorModel

[Patch] java.awt.image.PixelGrabber

[Patch] java.awt.image.RasterOp

[Patch] java.awt.MediaTracker

[Patch] java.awt.print.PrinterJob

[Patch] java.awt.Transparency

[Patch] java.beans.beancontext

[Patch] java.beans.EventHandler

[Patch] fixes


[Patch] and merged


[Patch] java.lang - securitymanager handling

[Patch] java.lang.AssertionError

[Patch] java.lang.System - comments fixed

[Patch] - InetAddress and Inet4Address


[Patch] - typo fixes

[Patch] and



[Patch] merged



[Patch] java.nio - buffer optimizations

[Patch] java.nio.charset.Charset

[Patch] java.rmi.Naming

[Patch] java.rmi.server.RemoteObject

[Patch] - cleaned up

[Patch] - using SystemProperties

[Patch] java.text.SimpleDateFormat

[Patch] java.util.Locale partly merged

[Patch] java.util.logging.LogManager

[Patch] java.util.ResourceBundle

[Patch] java.util.Timer merge

[Patch] java.util.TimeZone

[patch] java/(* Fix comment/doc typos.

[patch] java/*.c: Call buildN instead of build.

[patch] java/*.c: Update copyright.

[patch] java/except.c: Fix a comment typo.

[Patch] javax,imageio.spi.IIORegistry


[Patch] javax.swing merged

[Patch] javax.swing.BoxLayout

[Patch] javax.swing.CellRendererPane

[Patch] javax.swing.ImageIcon

[Patch] javax.swing.JComboBox

[Patch] javax.swing.JComponent

[Patch] javax.swing.JRootPane

[Patch] javax.swing.JTextArea

[Patch] javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicMenuBarUI

[Patch] javax.swing.plaf.metal

[Patch] javax.swing.plaf.metal merged

[Patch] javax.swing.text.JTextComponent

[Patch] javax.swing.text.rtf

[Patch] javax.swing.text.StyleContext

[Patch] javax.swing.Timer

[Patch] javax.swing.Timer - javadocs merged

[Patch] javax.swing.UIManager

[patch] jawt.c

Re: [patch] make gij command-line compatible with java

[patch] mauve xfails passify ;)

[patch] mauve-libgcj

[Patch] native part of GdkPixbufDecoder merged

[Patch] native part of GtkWindowPeer merged

[patch] partial fix for bug #22150


[patch] PR 21325 reenable libgcj for darwon on 4.0.x

[patch] pr16923 for darwin

[patch] rename

[PATCH] SH: Adjust for explicit -mieee options

[Patch] swing merged

[Patch] Swing merged again

[Patch] swing update

[Patch] the big HTML merge

[Patch] typo fix reverted

Re: [PATCH] Use vague linkage for Java methods

[PATCH]: Add some java format attributes

[Patch][RFC] Introduction of gnu.classpath.SystemProperties

[RFA/JDWP] CommandSet interface and PacketProcessor

[RFA/JDWP] Event basics

[RFA/JDWP] Exceptions

[RFA/JDWP] ID factory

[RFA/JDWP] IdManager

[RFA/JDWP] IdManager, Events


[RFA/JDWP] JdwpConnection

[RFA/JDWP] JdwpConnection cleanup

[RFA/JDWP] Packet processor

[RFA/JDWP] ReferenceKey



[RFA/JDWP] Transport factory

[RFA/JDWP] Transport layer: exception

[RFA/JDWP] transport: interface and socket impl

[RFA/JDWP] utility class: Signature

[RFA:] java/ (target_libs): Just set to target-libjava target-zlib

[RFA] gnu.gcj.jdwp.transport: packet classes

[RFA] JDWP packet classes

Re: [RFC PATCH] Don't use ELF weak for entities with vague linkage when COMDAT groups are available

[RFC PATCH] Don't use ELF weak for entities with vague linkage whenCOMDAT groups are available

Re: [RFC PATCH] Don't use ELF weak for entities with vague linkagewhen COMDAT groups are available

Re: [rfc] mainline slush

[RFC] Per-directory libjava builds

[rfc] remaining Class_1 problem on ia64

Re: [RFT/RFA] Per-directory libjava builds (take 3)

[RFT/RFA] Per-directory libjava builds (was RFC)

[wwwdocs] java/docs.html -- adjust Linux Journal article link

[wwwdocs] Remove another broken link in java/done.html

[wwwdocs] remove broken links in java/done.html

boehm-gc: finalization doesn't work with --enable-gc-debug

Clarifying PersistentByteMap (was: Re: [patch] Fix PR java/22189)

CLASSPATH setting for native binaries (Was: GCC 4.0 RC1 Available)

Clean up libjava ChangeLog files

Committed, CRIS boehm-gc port

Committed, libffi testsuite: fix for Tcl 8.3 in regsub usage

Committed, libffi: Add CRIS port.

configure rebuilt wrong

could someone try this patch?

cowl allspice

Fix Java bootstrap error

Fix warnings in mprec.c

FSF Address update for libjava directory

FYI (committed): Update jacks.xfail for 3.10.2-round-6

FYI: Fix registration of array classes

gij/eclipse sets SCHED_RR scheduling policy, hogs machine.

Re: Re: hpux regression vs 4.0.1

Java docs patch: Update libgcj system properties docuementation

Java patch ping...

Re: libjava build failure?

Over 900,000 New Marketing Leads to Import into your Database

Patch FYI: Fix PR libgcj/21557

Patch FYI: obvious posix socket fix

Re: Patch Ping: Double.parseDouble cannot handle NaN, Infinity or-Infinity

Re: patch to emit debug into emitted classes

PATCH to lookup_label

Patch: PR 21372 (FileChannel.tryLock())

Patch: [4.0]: work around PR 9369

PATCH: [4.1 Regression]: java compiler generates wrong code on ia64

Re: PATCH: [4.1 Regression]: java compiler generates wrong code onia64

Patch: fix buglet in (PR libgcj/21606)

Patch: fix datagram socket multicast loops

Patch: fix java.nio.DirectByteBufferImpl memory ownership bug

Patch: FYI: avoid accessor methods in AWT and Swing

Patch: FYI: AWT fixlet

Patch: FYI: Charset fixlet

Patch: FYI: class reader fixes

Patch: FYI: clean up _Jv_FindClassFromSignature

Patch: FYI: disable resolveClass

Patch: FYI: empty entries in class path

Patch: FYI: FileChannelImpl fixlet

Patch: FYI: Fix class path buglet

Patch: FYI: fix http Headers oddity

Patch: FYI: Fix loadClass() bug

Patch: FYI: Fix MessageFormat buglet

Patch: FYI: Fix MessageFormat parsing bug

Patch: FYI: Fix PR 20975 and 20958

Patch: FYI: Fix PR 21020

Patch: FYI: Fix PR 21703

Patch: FYI: Fix PR libgcj/20273

Patch: FYI: fix PR libgcj/22036

Patch: FYI: fix up resolveClass

Patch: FYI: GC marking fixlet

Patch: FYI: HTTPURLConnection fixlet

Patch: FYI: interpreter and checkcast message

Patch: FYI: interpreter fixlet

Patch: FYI: java.endorsed.dirs

Patch: FYI: java/expr.c fixlet

Patch: FYI: load from bootstrap loader

Patch: FYI: merge jni.h with Classpath

Patch: FYI: minor ClassLoader.loadClass restructuring

Patch: FYI: move Mohan's build fix to trunk

Patch: FYI: partial Class merge

Patch: FYI: Possessive quantifiers in gnu.regexp (PR libgcj/20435)

Patch: FYI: PR 17536 test case

Patch: FYI: PR 21136 for 4.0

Patch: FYI: PR java/21245

Patch: FYI: PR libgcj/20504

Patch: FYI: PR libgcj/21140 -vs- 4.0

Patch: FYI: PR libgcj/21637 for 4.0

Patch: FYI: PR libgcj/21775

Patch: FYI: PR libgcj/21785

Patch: FYI: PR libgcj/22211

Patch: FYI: remove @gcc_version@ use

Patch: FYI: fixlet

Patch: FYI: String javadoc fixlet

Patch: FYI: String.substring, aka PR libgcj/21753

Patch: FYI: StringBuilder

Patch: FYI: typo in ObjectInputStream

Patch: FYI: unbreak gtk peers

Patch: FYI: URL -vs- Jessie

Patch: FYI: verifier bug fix

Patch: FYI: VMClassLoader fix

Patch: FYI: VMSecurityManager fixlet

Patch: FYI: XML fixlet from Classpath

Patch: improve core:/ resource searches

PATCH: libgcj/20693: javax-imageio.lo failed to build

Patch: MAXPATHLEN usage - PR21821

Re: PATCH: new DWARF-2 reader

Patch: Omit frame pointers on x86

Patch: per-surface locking for jawt

Patch: per-surface locking for jawt: take 2

Patch: PR libgcj/18220

Re: PATCH: Re: Fwd: Typo in online GCJ docs.

PATCH: Re: libjava testsuite: get_multilibs fails

Patch: Re: Logging broken ?

Patch: remove useless memsets

Patch: RFA for 4.0: use system class loader

Patch: RFA: fix declarations in gcc/java/decl.c

Patch: RFA: Fix java/20697

Patch: RFA: fix PR java/21519

Patch: RFA: Fix PR java/21540

Patch: RFA: fix PR java/21722

Patch: RFA: Fix PR java/21844

Patch: RFA: Fix PR libgcj/21906

Patch: RFA: MMAP configure fix; aka PR 19877

Patch: RFC: fix system class loader problem

Patch: RFC: String sharing heuristic

Patch: test case for PR 21115

PATH to inherits_from_p

Ping*2: [RFA:] java/ (target_libs): Just set to target-libjava target-zlib

Ping: [RFA:] java/ (target_libs): Just set to target-libjava target-zlib

Ping: patch for configure bug, PR libgcj/19877

Re: Ping: Re: RFC: BC-ABI version IDs, take 2

PING: Remove accross.m4 from the build system in libjava

PR java/19285: Interfaces not initialized by static field access

PR java/19870 (Part 2/2): Handle private static methods accessed across nested classes

Re: PR java/19870: Generate Synthetic Accessors For Static Private Field Accesses Across Nested Classes

PR java/19870: Generate Synthetic Accessors For Static Private FieldAccesses Across Nested Classes

PR java/21115: false boolean argument passed from pre-compiled to interpreted method is true

Re: PR java/21436: imported type name for superclass, with multifilecompilation

Re: PR java/21436: imported type name for superclass, with multifile compilation

Re: PR java/21436: imported type name for superclass, with multifile compilation

Re: PR java/21436: imported type name for superclass, with multifile compilation

Re: PR java/21436: imported type name for superclass, with multifile compilation

PR java/21436: imported type name for superclass, with multifilecompilation

Re: PR java/21436: imported type name for superclass, withmultifile compilation

PR/17845: looking for a superclass in the wrong package

Recognize obsoleted options

Re: recommend use of gperf version 3

review of libtool patch

Rewrite exception region handling in bytecode compiler

RFC: Add STV_EXPORT (Re: PATCH: [4.1 Regression]: java compiler generates wrong code on ia64)

RFC: BC-ABI version IDs, take 2

RFC: Don't build libjava convenience library

RFC: Fix for boolean arguments in interpreter

RFC: Stop using accross.m4

Robot patchlet

Re: small www fix

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