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Re: -m64 for darwin

[3.4] Patch: FYI: PR 15001

[4.0 Regression] internal compiler error: in size_binop, at fold-const.c:1598

Re: [cp-patches] [Patch][gui] java.awt.dnd.DropTarget

Re: [cp-patches] [Patch][gui] javax.swing.JTree

Re: [cp-patches] Calendar/Date/TimeZone/Text merging

Re: [cp-patches]

Re: [cp-patches] Miscellaneous patches: RMI, AccessController,SharedLibHelper, Permissions

Re: [cp-patches] Patch: FYI: URI fixlet

[gcj] Some memory leak cleanups

[gcjx] Patch: FYI:

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: 'assert' lowering cleanup

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: 'try' lowering bug fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: (ugly) build fix + constant pool fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: a few crash fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: add aot instantiations

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: add method to aot class wrapper

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: add vtable debug code

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: annotate 'try' statement

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: annotate case labels

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: annotate expressions

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: annotation reading and writing

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: another array initializer fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: another round of lexer tweaks

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: aot-related changes in gcc/java

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: array dimensions check

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: array initializer fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: array-related tree generation fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: avoid crash with type variables

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: avoid double resolution

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: avoid warning in more cases

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: BIND_EXPR fixlet

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: boolean field initializers

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: bug fix in 'locals'

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: bug fix when computing signature

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: built-in functions

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: check method argument size

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: class object creation fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: Class object creation update

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: Class object creation updates

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: code generator additions

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: constant pool fixlet

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: constructor accessors

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: create utf8const objects

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: default -target

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: definite assignment and loops

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: definite assignment fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: differentiate abstract methods

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: dispatch for private methods

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: don't abort() in JNI header generation

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: don't collect types

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: don't use CHAR_TYPE

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: emit return for void methods

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: end-of-constructor location

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: field initializer fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: first work on verifier merge

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix 'for' lowering

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix attribute lengths

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix crash with un-annotated fields

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix descriptor generation

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix implicit field qualifiers

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix in static import resolution

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix interface list

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix method call

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix some types

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix type of arrays

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix virtual dispatch

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: fix vtable layout

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: float->int conversion

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: gc-protect utf8consts

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: gengtype -vs- c++

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: gengtype and .hh

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: gimplify

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: grab bag of fixes (last one)

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: handle array classes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: handle comparisons correctly

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: handle DECL_EXTERNAL properly

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: handle field initializers

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: handle interface dispatch

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: handle interface super correctly

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: handle reference to Class object

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: handle switches properly

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: implement LocalVariableTable

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: indentation fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: Initial gcjx checkin

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: integrate gcjx into build

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: label cleanups

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: lay out array class

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: lay out interfaces as well

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: lexer and line numbers

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: LocalVariableTypeTable support

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: lower floating point '++'

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: make jc1 build

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: make model_class method public

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: make vtable layout abi-dependent

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: and gt-java-*

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: mangle name of Class object

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: mangler bug fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: minor parser bug

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: misc. tree-generation fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: more annotation class fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: more annotations work

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: more field/method updates

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: more jc1 changes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: name mangler fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: name of unnamed package

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: new helper classes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: operator assignment casts

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: parameter types

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: prepare 'catch' type

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: reading generic interfaces

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: recognize '-o none'

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: register classes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: remove .class-specific test

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: remove temporary #define

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: remove unused lang hook

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: remove useless casts

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: restructure find_decl

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: revert earlier patch

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: set abi version

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: set function_end_locus

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: set name on types

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: set some decl names

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: signature computation for interfaces

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: signature parsing fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: start writing out method structs

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: steps toward gcjx compilation

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: String '+' and '+='

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: strip abstract methods

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: strip abstract methods in C++ ABI

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: threading updates

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: tweak gcjx configure

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: two minor fixes

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: type of TRY_FINALLY_EXPR

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: update tree.def comment

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: verifier bug fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: vtable indices

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: vtable layout fix

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: wrap LABEL_DECLs

[gcjx] Patch: FYI: write out class object

[gcjx]: Patch: FYI: fix config header file name

[gui] Some (random) AWT and Swing fixlets

[gui][PATCH] add -l-javax-imageio to libgcj.spec

[gui][patch] avoid type punning

[gui][patch] AWT Native Interface implementation

[gui][patch] change to single-threaded event loop

[gui][PATCH] fix GTK FileDialog peer crashes

[gui][PATCH] fix peer references to system event queue

[gui][patch] implement imageio SPI for gdk-pixbuf

[gui][patch] improvements to single threaded event dispatch

[gui][patch] re-add accidentally removed sync

[gui][PATCH] Re-add nativeSetIconImageFromData to GtkFramePeer

[gui][patch] some fixes to glyph vectors

[gui][patch] switch GTK peers to extract JNIEnv from JavaVM

[gui][patch] update java-gui-20050128-branch

[JAVA PATCH] Implement RSHIFT_EXPR of unsigned types with iushr

[JAVA PATCH] PR 19295: Support useless NOP_EXPRs in jcf-write.c

[libjava PATCH] Fix Tru64 bootstrap failure in libjava


[patch] 4.0 branch, port pr16923 fix for darwin

[PATCH] [4.0]: Use target's fastjar for cross builds

[Patch] [MinGW] [4.0] FYI: Fix Socket read returns EOF when count == 0...

Re: [Patch] [MinGW] [4.0] FYI: Fix Socket read returns EOF when count== 0...

[patch] add missing method to JTextComponent

[Patch] another cleanup patch merged

[Patch] BasicLookAndFeel

[Patch] Catching ThreadDeath

[Patch] cleaning up inner classes

[Patch] copyright header fixes

[Patch] DropTarget

[PATCH] Fix broken $(db_name) target in

[PATCH] Fix jni/PR16923.c on Solaris

[PATCH] Fix libjawt install

[patch] fix ONESTEP fallout

[patch] fix ONESTEP fallout 4.0 branch

[PATCH] fix ONESTEP, --enable-libgcj-multifile build on main.

[Patch] Fix PR libgcj/20389

[PATCH] Fix pr16789 failures on the SPARC

[patch] fix pr16923 for darwin

[patch] fix SJLJ in

[Patch] Fix Socket read returns EOF when count == 0...

[patch] fix some warnings

[patch] fixx implicit in jawt.c

[Patch] formatting cleanup

[Patch] ftp protocol handler





[Patch] http implementation from GNU classpath

[Patch] import cleanup

[Patch] java.awt.CheckBox and java.awt.Window

[Patch] java.awt.font.TextAttribute

[Patch] java.awt.font.TransformAttribute



[Patch] java.nio.charset.Charset

[patch] java/*.[ch]: Update copyright.

[patch] java/*.h: Remove unused prototypes.

[patch] java/*: Update copyright.

[Patch] javadoc and formatting cleanups

[Patch] javax.print.attribute.standard merged

[Patch] javax.swing.JTextField.notifyAction

[Patch] javax.swing.SpinnerDateModel

[patch] jawt fixes

[patch] JNI performance improvements

[Patch] JNI support for direct buffers

[patch] make gij command-line compatible with java

[patch] mark unused var in natPipeImplPosix

[patch] merge AWT Native Interface implementation to mainline

[patch] merge fdlibm.h from GNUD Classpath

[patch] merge from java-gui-20050128-branch to trunk

[Patch] merging NIO fixes

[Patch] merging of java.beans and

[Patch] More descriptiptive exceptions

[patch] mprec remove cruft

[Patch] No more -mxgot for MIPS...

[Patch] Optimizations for

[Patch] PR 17069: fix for InetAddress.getLocalHost

[Patch] PR libgcj/13972 - URL with URL in spec part

[Patch] PR libgcj/15560 - TimeZone and SimpleTimeZone

[Patch] PR libgcj/17784 - make java.lang.Thread throw SecurityException

[Patch] PR libgcj/18014: variant handling in java.util.Locale

[Patch] PR libgcj/19444 - fixes

[patch] PR20292

[Patch] PropertyDescriptor

[patch] remove redundant includes

[patch] Remove unused peer files

[patch] remove unused peer library functions

[patch] replace snprintf with g_snprintf

[patch] search for versioned shared libraries

[Patch] serialVersionUID fixes for interfaces

[Patch] SimpleDateFormat

[Patch] some little cleanups

[patch] testsuite fix for Darwin pr16923

[PATCH] Testsuite tweak for Solaris

[Patch] the big cleanup merge

[Patch] throwing SocketException from socket implementations

Re: [PATCH] Use vague linkage for Java methods

[patch]: fix warning regression in jcf-io.c


[Patch][gui] AbstractDocument

[Patch][gui] BasicStroke

[Patch][gui] CheckboxMenuItem patch

[Patch][gui] Choice accessibility fix/documentation

[Patch][gui] ClasspathToolkit

[Patch][gui] DefaultBoundedRangeModel

[Patch][gui] DefaultCellRenderer

[Patch][gui] DefaultEditorKit

[Patch][gui] DefaultListModel

[Patch][gui] DefaultListSelectionModel

[Patch][gui] DefaultMutableTreeNode

[Patch][gui] DefaultTableModel

[Patch][gui] document/content handling in javax.swing.text

[Patch][gui] documentation images for java.awt.geom merged

[Patch][gui] FYI: Documentation and hashCode() for BasicStroke

[Patch][gui] FYI: Fix gdk_env() function prototype

[Patch][gui] GtkFileDialogPeer

[Patch][gui] import statement cleanup

[Patch][gui] java.awt merged

[Patch][gui] java.awt.Checkbox accessibility

[Patch][gui] java.awt.dnd.DropTarget

[Patch][gui] java.awt.print.PrinterJob

[Patch][gui] java.awt.Scrollbar accessibility

[Patch][gui] javax.swing.AbstractSet

[Patch][gui] javax.swing.DebugGraphics

[Patch][gui] JComponent.getComponentGraphics()

[Patch][gui] JEditorPane and DefaultEditorKit

[Patch][gui] JTabbedPane

[Patch][gui] JTable and JTableHeader

[Patch][gui] JTextField

[Patch][gui] JTree

[Patch][gui] MemoryCacheImageInputStream

[Patch][gui] MetalLookAndFeel

[Patch][gui] Missing accessibility methods in javax.swing.SwingUtilities

[Patch][gui] More fixes to JTable

[Patch][gui] more swing cleanups

[Patch][gui] native gtk-peer merge

[Patch][gui] obsolete GtkMainThread files removed

[Patch][gui] paramString fixing

[Patch][gui] PlainDocument and DefaultEditorKit

[Patch][gui] Removed GtkArg and GtkArgList

[Patch][gui] robot fixes

[Patch][gui] SortingFocusTraversalPolicy and LayoutFocusTraversalPolicy

[Patch][gui] StringContent

[Patch][gui] stupid formatting and file header merge

[Patch][gui] Swing API cleanup

[Patch][gui] swing cleanups

[Patch][gui] swing constant cleanup

[Patch][gui] Swing fixes

[Patch][gui] swing menu fixes

[Patch][gui] SwingUtilities.findFocusOwner

[Patch][gui] SwingUtilities.getFontMetrics() removed

[Patch][gui] UIDefaults

[Patch][GUI] UIDefaults.put

[Patch][gui] view handling

[Patch][gui] whitespace cleanup

[Patch]g[gui] java.awt.Window and java.awt.dnd.DnDConstants

[PR libgcj/20160] rename archive members with duplicate basenames

[RFC/RFT] Patch (java): Switch to new verifier

[wwwdocs] adjust Mozilla URL in java/projects.html

[wwwdocs] java/index.html link update

Re: C++ PATCH: Disallow floating-point literals in integral-constant expressions

Calendar/Date fixes from Classpath

Calendar/Date/TimeZone/Text merge

Calendar/Date/TimeZone/Text merging

Cleaner stacktraces and diagnostics

committed: jcf-dump support for SourceDebugExtension

committed: remove IDENTIFIER_HANDLECLASS_VALUE in java-tree.h

Re: crash on GCJ_PROPERTIES="foo=" program

darwin8 libjava support

Don't generate NullPointerExceptions for arraylength and arrayload

Re: Fallout (mostly runtime library-related) from GCC version number change (take two)

Fallout (mostly runtime library-related) from GCC version numberchange

Fallout (mostly runtime library-related) from GCC version numberchange (take two)

Re: Fallout (mostly runtime library-related) from GCC versionnumber change

Re: Fallout (mostly runtime library-related) from GCC versionnumber change (take two)

Fix gij --verbose command line parsing

FYi: Add exception message and/or chain exceptions in SSLEngine

FYI: Backport PR 19823 fix

FYI: Fix UTF_8 CharSet

FYI: Import gnu.xml.dom bugfixes from GNU Classpath

FYI: Re-sync java.util.Date / Fix PR libgcj/19649

FYI: Resync java.util.jar.Attributes with GNU Classpath

FYI: revert erroneous commit

gcj, shared libraries, and -Bsymbolic

GNU Jaxp patch

Java fiasco


libffi: adjust intarg_count for 64-bit integer types in PPC32

libgcj patches

libjava no-longer compiler if INTERPRETER not defined

Fwd: libjava on darwin8

Merge in signed jar support

Miscellaneous patches: RMI, AccessController, SharedLibHelper, Permissions

Re: new FAILs on HEAD

New stack trace code

Patch (Java): Remove Dead xref Code in GCJ

PATCH - was: RFC - PR java/8608: ICE if WFL not yet set in check_init()

Patch for FileChannelImpl lossage

PATCH for java/15543 that works with --enable-mapped-location

Patch Ping: Double.parseDouble cannot handle NaN, Infinity or -Infinity

Re: Patch Ping: Double.parseDouble cannot handle NaN, Infinity or-Infinity

Patch ping: fix warning regression in jcf-io.c

Patch ping: Use iushr for unsigned RSHIFT_EXPR

PATCH RFA: Avoid crash in Java compiler

patch to emit debug into emitted classes

patch to fix null-pointer failure in libjava/

Patch to sort out dates in manuals

Patch: Add new JSR-201 tests to jacks.xfail

Patch: charset aliases merge from Classpath

Patch: Double.parseDouble cannot handle NaN, Infinity or -Infinity

Re: Patch: fix java.ext.dirs (not checked in)

Patch: Fix PR 19823

Re: Patch: Fix PR libgcj/15719 (not checked in)

Patch: FYI: AbstractMethodError -vs- linking

Patch: FYI: add '-f' option to gcj-dbtool

Patch: FYI: add 'extern "Java"'

Patch: FYI: Attempt to get xlib peers working again

Patch: FYI: better error message

Patch: FYI: build MethodRef

Patch: FYI: class registration cleanup

Patch: FYI: ClassLoader doc fix

Patch: FYI: comment fixes

Patch: FYI: configure cleanup and reduction

Patch: FYI: don't call getSystemClassLoader()

Patch: FYI: fix gcj-dbtool --help

Patch: FYI: fix java.ext.dirs documentation

Patch: FYI: Fix MethodRef.h breakage.

Patch: FYI: fix PR 18840

Patch: FYI: Fix PR java/18091

Patch: FYI: Fix pR java/19742

Patch: FYI: Fix PR libgcj/18868

Patch: FYI: Fix quoting in MessageFormat

Patch: FYI: gcj news items for web page

Patch: FYI: gcj update to gcc-4.0/changes.html

Patch: FYI: gcj-dbtool -p


Patch: FYI: GNU JAXP updates

Patch: FYI: ignore nio exception in VMCompiler

Patch: FYI: InflaterInputStream fix

Patch: FYI: java.endorsed.dirs

Patch: FYI: jcf-dump and inner class info

Patch: FYI: Logger -vs- stack trace

Patch: FYI: MainThread -vs- class loader

Patch: FYI: make target for

Patch: FYI: mergelet for MessageFormat

Patch: FYI: minor interpreter-related cleanup

Patch: FYI: new gcj-specific endorsed directory

Patch: FYI: one last PR 19921 fix

Patch: FYI: one more stab at PR 20056

Patch: FYI: PACKAGE_* compile warning redux

Patch: FYI: partial fix for PR java/20215

Patch: FYI: PR 19681

Patch: FYI: PR 19842

Patch: FYI: PR 20056

Patch: FYI: PR20056 thinko fix

Patch: FYI: Re: fix to

Patch: FYI: remove temporary .so files on exit

Patch: FYI: remove unused rule

Patch: FYI: SAX fix

Patch: FYI: sax/w3c_dom Makefile tweak

Patch: FYI: SHA-160 alias

Patch: FYI: sign extension in new verifier

Patch: FYI: sun.boot.class.path

Patch: FYI: two .db handling fixes

Patch: FYI: unbreak the build

Patch: FYI: update cvs.html for gui re-branch

Patch: FYI: update java web page with API doc link

Patch: FYI: Update mauve xfails

Patch: FYI: update mauve-libgcj

Patch: FYI: URI fixlet

Patch: FYI: URLClassLoader.toString() fix

Patch: FYI: VMCompiler -vs- MessageDigest

Patch: FYI: wrong number for test case

Patch: FYI: ZipEntry and DeflaterOutputStream fix

Patch: FYI: ZipFile and OPEN_DELETE

Patch: gcj-dbtool -p LIBDIR

Re: Patch: GregorianCalendar returns bad values from getMinimum().

Patch: imageio merge to HEAD

Patch: IP_MULTICAST_LOOP support

PATCH: java/index.html link fix

Patch: JNI dot/slash change

Patch: libffi on IA64 HP-UX

Patch: libgcj NEWS

PATCH: new DWARF-2 reader

Patch: normalize x86 os.arch for non-Windows platforms

Patch: not checked in: -Xtrace

Patch: PR 16923

Patch: PR 17952

Patch: PR 20029

Patch: PR java/20312 - Checks throws clause even for non-source base classes

Patch: PR java/20338 - Call _Jv_InitClass for private static methods in an inner class

Re: Patch: PR java/20338 - Call _Jv_InitClass for private staticmethods in an inner class

Patch: PR java/20502

Patch: regex fixed from Classpath

Patch: RFA: allow default .db for libgcj

Patch: RFA: PR java/19929

Patch: RFA: versioning gcj classes

Patch: RFC: gcj versioning on head

Patch: RFC: InputStreamReader and OutputStreamWriter

Patch: RFC: langhooks -vs- PR java/19295

Patch: RFC: SAX driver change

Patch: RFC: version compiled classes

Patch: Robot.waitForIdle

Patch: Serialization merge from GNU Classpath

Patch: update --version output for tools

Patch: Update jacks.xfail

PATCH: Various GC fixes

Path: FYI: Fix several libgcj PRs

Ping: [Patch] No more -mxgot for MIPS for the 4.0 branch

PR java/15543: Fix SEGFAULT in jv-scan (Was: Re: Whither jv-scan?)

PR java/19070: Don't allow null v/s number comparisons

PR java/19277: Array.length++ is incorrectly allowed

PR java/19907: Incorrect code generated for

PR java/20522: ICE in update_aliases, at java/decl.c:163

PR java/9157: ICE on malformed ?: condition

PR20104 testcase

Preliminary patch for java.endorsed.dirs

Re: Preliminary patch: New stack trace infrastructure

Re: ProcessManager on Solaris

requested gcc-4.0/libjava patch

Re: Resend: [patch] File.toURI creates bogus URI

Revert lookaside patch in URLClassLoader

Re: RFA: Patch: Fix IdentityHashMap Error

RFC - PR java/8608: ICE if WFL not yet set in check_init()

Re: RFC: BC-ABI and Old Verifier

SecurityManager (Was: [BC ABI] gcj-abi-2-dev-branch created)

small www fix

strict jni checking

Use space as path separator for Manifest Class-Path attributes

Verifying zip entries that don't exist in the JarFile

Version number fallout (fourth and hopefully last)

Version number fallout, take three

work around libtool to fix alpha libgcj build a website for Java developers

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