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3.3.1 GCJ Cross compiler configuration issues

[ABI] Compile fix and debug_link flag

[ABI] Merge _Jv_AllocObject changes with branch

[ABI] Update version string for abi branch

[BC ABI] A few fixes

[BC ABI] gcj-abi-2-dev-branch created

[BC ABI] Merged with HEAD

[BC ABI] Remove silly warning message

[Bug other/15194] [fastjar] Check for "long long" before using it

Re: [Bug other/15194] [fastjar] Check for "long long" before usingit

[Fwd: [patch] merge from java-gui-branch]

[FYI] Remove obsolete gnu.regexp classes

[gui] [merge] java-gui-merge for may 26

[gui] [PATCH] Fix BorderLayout's layoutContainer() method

[gui] [PATCH] Fix Component.reshape()

[gui] [PATCH] Fix filtered image loading

[gui] [PATCH] Fix GtkComponentPeer.getGraphics()

[gui] [PATCH] Fix List peer's native getSize() method

[gui] [PATCH] Fix MediaTracker.addImage()

[gui] [PATCH] Fix RGBImageFilter

[gui] [PATCH] Fix to Container's remove() method

[gui] [PATCH] Fix to MediaTracker.imageUpdate()

[gui] [PATCH] Fixes for PopupMenu

[gui] [PATCH] FIxes in RepaintManager, and others

[gui] [PATCH] Fixes to GridBagLayout.GetLayoutInfo()

[gui] [PATCH] Fixes to TextComponent and TextArea

[gui] [PATCH] GtkImagePainter fixes

[gui] [PATCH] ReplicateScaleFilter and CropImageFilterimplementations for byte pixels

[gui] [PATCH] ReplicateScaleFilter, CropImageFilter, and otherfixes

[gui] [PATCH] Revert patch to Component.remove()

[gui] [PATCH] Reverting a patch from 2004-06-22

[gui] [PATCH] Small fix to Container.remove()

[gui] [patch] somewhat disruptive, big patch

[GUI] Patch: javax.split.tree.DefaultMutableTreeNode

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - accessibility classes

[gui] Patch: javax.swing - big cleanup

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - fixes for jikes

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - fixes overall

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - imports reworked

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - javadocs fixed

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - little problems

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - more cleanups

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - reindent

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - reindention

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - reorganization of imports

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - serialVersionUID and other little issues.

[gui] Patch: javax.swing - some cleanups

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing - text components

[gui] Patch: javax.swing reformatted

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.AbstractButton

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.ButtongGroup

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.ImageIcon

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.JButton

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.JComponent

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.JEditorPane

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.JEditorPane - javadocs

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.JRootPane

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.JScrollPane

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.JToggleButton

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.JToolTip

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.JTree

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.JTree - reformatted

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.KeyStroke

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.LookAndFeel

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic - missing implements

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic and javax.swing.text

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicArrowButton

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicButtonUI

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicLookAndFeel

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicSplitPaneDivider

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.BorderUIResource

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.SwingConstants

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.SwingUtilites

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.SwingUtilities

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.table.DefaultTableCellRenderer

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text - big improvements

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.text - little improvements.

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.text - more improvements

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.text - reformatted

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text - test ui

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text enhancement

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text fixes

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.text.AbstractDocument

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text.AbstractDocument

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text.Highlighter

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.text.PlainDocument

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.text.Style

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.text.TextComponent

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.Timer

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.ToolTipManager

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.UIManager

[GUI] Patch: javax.swing.undo.UndoManager

[gui][PATCH] Account for font style and default language in fontmetric calculations

[gui][PATCH] Add FIXME comment to window peer

[gui][PATCH] AWTEvent.toString fix

[gui][PATCH] Clamp width and height values in setNativeBounds

[gui][PATCH] Classes implementing RootPaneContainer

[gui][PATCH] ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy fixes

[gui][PATCH] Corrected location of heavyweight popup menu

[gui][patch] disable broken code

[gui][PATCH] fix Applet size reporting

[gui][PATCH] Fix Button naming

[gui][patch] fix dynamic-linking build on branch

[gui][PATCH] Fix font size calculations in GTK peers

[gui][PATCH] fix gui branch build failure

[gui][PATCH] fix window placement

[gui][PATCH] fixed formatting style for MenuSelectionManager

[gui][PATCH] fixes for compiler warnings

[gui][PATCH] Fixes for MemoryImageSource and GtkImagePainter

[gui][PATCH] Fixes to AbstractButton

[gui][PATCH] Fixes to AbstractButton's mnemonic & menu items

[gui][PATCH] Fixes to JMenuItem & BasicMenuItemUI

[gui][PATCH] fixes to JRootPane.RootLayout and JLayeredPane

[gui][PATCH] fixes to UI Delegates of JMenu & JMenuItem

[gui][patch] fixes to viewport

[gui][PATCH] Fixes/javadoc for JMenuItem

[gui][PATCH] Flush GDK events in Graphics drawing methods

[gui][PATCH] FYI: change C++-style comments to C-style comments

[gui][PATCH] GTK list peer update

[gui][PATCH] Handle GtkOptionMenu specially when setting theforeground colour

[gui][PATCH] Handle MenuComponent in AWTEvent.toString

[gui][patch] image, icon, and scrollpane layout fixes

[gui][PATCH] Implement AWT keyboard focus management

[gui][PATCH] implement gtkSetFont in GtkListPeer

[gui][PATCH] implement GtkToolkit.loadSystemColors

[gui][PATCH] include extra libraries in

[gui][PATCH] Javadocs and other fixes

[gui][PATCH] JCheckBoxMenuItem and fixes to menu items.

[gui][PATCH] JInternalFrames

[gui][PATCH] JMenu & BasicMenuUI

[gui][PATCH] JMenu & other small fixes

[gui][Patch] JMenuBar

[gui][PATCH] JOptionPane and some other things.

[gui][PATCH] JPopupMenu

[gui][PATCH] JPopupMenu.Separator

[gui][PATCH] JRadioButtonMenuItem / JCheckBoxMenuItem: javadocs &few fixes

[gui][PATCH] JTabbedPane fixes.

[gui][PATCH] JWindow without an owner

[gui][PATCH] keyboard focus management updates

[gui][PATCH] Menu Items: fixed style and comments

[gui][PATCH] MenuItem event processing fix

[gui][PATCH] MenuListener & more fixes

[gui][PATCH] MenuSelectionManager

[gui][patch] merge from trunk to branch

[gui][patch] more build breakage fixing.

[gui][PATCH] More fixes and implementation for menu components

[gui][PATCH] More fixes to MemoryImageSource

[gui][PATCH] only send configure events to visible top-levelwindows

[gui][PATCH] Post item events from GtkListPeer

[gui][PATCH] post KEY_TYPED events

[gui][PATCH] remove calls to _gtk_accel_group_attach

[gui][PATCH] Remove focus debugging messages

[gui][PATCH] Remove keyval translation warning

[gui][PATCH] remove translation from GtkImagePainter.setPixels

[gui][PATCH] remove unused GtkComponentPeer method

[gui][PATCH] remove unused GtkPanelPeer code

[gui][PATCH] remove window focus workaround

[gui][PATCH] Return SystemColors by default

[gui][PATCH] set text area focus traversal keys

[gui][PATCH] setJMenuBar()/getJMenubar()

[gui][PATCH] small fixes

[gui][PATCH] small GtkButtonPeer fix

[gui][PATCH] some peer fixes

[gui][patch] temporary fix for build breakage

[gui][PATCH] TextArea and GtkTextAreaPeer fixes

[gui][patch] various swing fixes

[gui][patch]: Partial implementation of JToolBar

[hui] Patch: javax.swing.text

[JAVA] Add acos, asin, ceil and floor lang.Math builtins

[java] Add missing SimpleTimeZone members

[JAVA] Fix bootstrap failure on Tru64

[java] Implement missing Font.deriveFont variants

[patch/hppa-linux] MD_FALLBACK_FRAME_STATE_FOR definition

[PATCH] [fastjar] implement `-u'

[patch] cxxtest compilation/test fix

[patch] darwin testsuite fix cxxtest

[patch] Fix

[patch] Fix declaration of BeanInfo constants

[PATCH] fix for BasicMenuUI - getPath()

[PATCH] Fix g++.dg/lookup/java?.C

[patch] Fix

[patch] Fix formatting

[patch] Fix typo for libffi library version

[patch] Fix up Applet methods

[PATCH] Fix URLStreamHandler.parseURL for Win32

Re: [patch] GtkMainThread.c calculate the dpi value in case of gtk-xft-dpican't

[patch] GtkMainThread.c calculate the dpi value in case of gtk-xft-dpican't

Re: [patch] GtkMainThread.c calculate the dpi value in case ofgtk-xft-dpi can't

Re: [patch] GtkMainThread.c calculate the dpi value in caseof gtk-xft-dpi can't

[patch] Implement getActualMinimum and Maximum

[patch] Implement java.beans.Expression

[patch] java.beans.Statement

[patch] java.beans.Statement - Take 3


[Patch] Java: Definite [Un]Assignment Issues

[Patch] Java: PR 13948

[patch] libjava replace -W with -Wextra

[patch] libltdl replace -W -Wextra

Re: [PATCH] make sure more GNU Classpath/libgcj diffs are handleed by gen-classpath-compare

[PATCH] make sure more GNU Classpath/libgcj diffs are handleed bygen-classpath-compare

[patch] Map.entry interface definition fix

[patch] monthly java-gui-branch merge

[patch] More SimpleTimeZone fixes/8321

[PATCH] PR java/15769 infinite loop

Re: [Patch] PR java/9685: Fix Catching Illegal Access to Package-Private Fields/Members

Re: [Patch] PR java/9685: Fix Catching Illegal Access to Package-Private Fields/Members

Re: [Patch] PR java/9685: Fix Catching Illegal Access to Package-Private Fields/Members

[Patch] PR java/9685: Fix Catching Illegal Access to Package-PrivateFields/Members

[PATCH] Removed CVS tag from *.java

[patch] Return of SimpleTimeZone fix

[patch] SimpleTimeZone take 2

[PATCH] Speedup java front-end when compiling from source

[patch] Use -version-info for soname.

[patch][gui] JSplitPane, JDialog, and other things

Re: [wwwdocs] Update gen-classpath-compare to include shared JNI C files

[wwwdocs] Update gen-classpath-compare to include shared JNI Cfiles

^_^ meay-meay!

ABI: Merged with HEAD


ansi pedantic cleanups for jni gtk-peer c files

BasicMenUI calls protected JMenu methods

Binary Compatibility: a couple of bug fixes

Byron Bay - Cheeky Monkeys

C++/Java: Don't use type size in object allocation


Correct cache-flushing bug in libffi on darwin

e_pow.c bug

Fix warnings in boehm-gc/mark.c

FYI Patch: Fix

FYI: Better http connection user-agent string

FYI: FilePermission constructor argument checks

FYI: fixlet from GNU Classpath

FYI: javax.print (subpackages) imported from GNU Classpath

FYI: Patch:

FYI: Patch: GTK peer

FYI: Patch: java.awt - several patches merged

FYI: Patch: java.awt and java.beans - HTML fixes in javadocs

FYI: Patch: - style and javadoc fixes

FYI: Patch: java.lang.event.MouseEvent

FYI: Patch: java.lang.SecurityManager

FYI: Patch: javax.print.attribute

FYI: Patch: javax.swing - HTML fixes

FYI: Remove 8.1.3-superclass-6 from jacks.xfail

FYI: Small swing public access violation fixes

FYI: Two gui fixlets from classpath

GCJ / libjava 'debug' build -O0


Re: gtk-peer compile fixes for gcc-2.95

Re: Illegal Package-Private Accesses Yet Again!

Java: Bogus vtable index in debug info

Java: Debug info

Java: Enable accessibility checks for static inner classes

Java: Fix for PR15734

Java: Fix PR 1262

Java: Fix PR 15715 - Interface access flags

Java: qualify_and_find fix

Java: Remove set_nested_class_simple_name_value()

Java: rewrite exception handling logic for bytecode compiler

Java: Use TREE_THIS_NOTRAP where possible

JFrame DefaultCloseOperation CLOSE_ON_EXIT fixlet

JNI NoSuchMethodError message patch

latest SimpleTimeZone patch

libjava: Support --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs.

Line number support for interpreter

mauve tests for SimpleTimeZone

New collator for GCJ

Patch (Java): [committed] Correct diagnostic message

Patch (Java): [committed] Formatting Fixes.

Patch (Java): PR16113 - Remove Extraneous Call to expand_end_bindings()

Patch (Java): Purge java_expand_expr()

Patch for correctly intializing interface class on Method.invoke()(Was: Line number support for interpreter)

Re: Patch for correctly intializing interface class onMethod.invoke() (Was: Line number support for interpreter)

patch ping

Patch ping

Patch Ping

patch ping

patch ping ^2

PATCH to add -verbose:class flag

PATCH to build libgij


PATCH win32/mingw32: jcf_open_exact_case prototype

Re: Patch: add extensions directory contents to VMClassLoader class path.

Re: Patch: add extensions directory contents to VMClassLoader class path.

Re: Patch: add extensions directory contents to VMClassLoader class path.

Patch: add extensions directory contents to VMClassLoader classpath.

Re: Re: Patch: add extensions directory contents to VMClassLoaderclass path.

Patch: Add JvAllocBytes() and RawDataManaged to CNI

Patch: clean up all over

Patch: cleanup all over

Patch: Document and prototype JvAllocBytes() for CNI

Patch: fixes for bougs found by jikes

Patch: fixes for enum keyword

Patch: fixing typo in expression

Patch: FYI:

Patch: FYI: automated libgcj/classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: Fix method.invoke() for interpreted interfaces

Patch: FYI: Fix pr11951 JNI test case

Patch: FYI: Intepreter method & field signature verification

Patch: FYI: jni.h tweak

Patch: FYI: Layout interfaces during preparation

Patch: FYI: missing instruction

Patch: FYI: More efficient ResourceBundle calls

Patch: FYI: obvious xlib change to implement unmap for setVisible(false)

Patch: FYI: PR 16134

PATCH: FYI: Remove JvAllocObject and add fields to Class for interpreter/JITdata

Patch: FYI: exception improvement

Patch: FYI: xlib peer patch

Re: Patch:



Patch: gtk peer - jni fix

Patch: gtk peer - native code merge

Patch: gtk peer - partly revert of last patch.

Patch: gtk peer - static methods

Patch: Java - Partially Fix PR java/11117

Patch: java-awt fixes merged

Patch: java.awt.FileDialog

Patch: java.awt.image - data buffers

Patch: java.awt.Toolkit

Patch: merge

Patch: merged


Patch: and


Patch: java.lang - style and javadoc fixes

Patch: java.lang.System

Patch: - fix for double socket creation

Patch: - javadoc and style fixes

Patch: - url stuff cleanup

Patch: - userInfo handling in URLs



Patch: java.nio - compareTo fixed in all buffer classes

Patch: java.nio - final modifier

Patch: java.nio - javadoc and coding style fixes

Patch: java.nio.channels.Channels

Patch: java.nio.charset - javadoc enhancements

Patch: java.nio.DirectBufferImpl.shiftDown()

Patch: merged

Patch: java.securtiy

Patch: java.sql.DriverManager

Patch: java.text - date parsing fixes

Patch: java.text collators

Patch: java.text merge

Patch: java.text merged

Patch: java.text.DecimalFormat

Patch: java.text.MessageFormat merged

Patch: java.util - import cleanup

Patch: java.util.HashMap merged

Patch: java.util.logging.Level

Patch: java.util.Map and java.text.AttributedCharacterIterator

Patch: java.util.prefs.AbstractPreferences

Patch: java.util.Properties


PATCH: java/index.html

Re: Patch: Java: Avoid multiple warnings for source files newer than class files

Patch: Java: Fix check-init to handle new binops from fold()

Patch: Java: Fix jcf-write fold() fallout

Patch: Java: Fix missed GGC root registration

Patch: Java: Improve character encoding error messages

Patch: javadoc fixes

Patch: javadoc fixes and other obvious stuff all over

Patch: javax.accessibility.AccessibleText

Patch: javax.imageio - merging

Patch: javax.imageio merged

Patch: javax.naming

Patch: javax.naming - import cleanup

Patch: javax.naming.CompoundName merged.

Patch: javax.rmi - import cleanup


Patch: javax.swing

Patch: javax.swing - fixes for gjdoc

Patch: javax.swing.JSlider

Patch: javax.swing.table.TableColumn

Patch: javax.swing: imports cleaned up

Patch: jni/gtk-peer/gnu_java_awt_peer_gtk_GtkComponentPeer.c

PATCH: libffi: add MIPS O32 DWARF-2 unwind info

PATCH: libffi: improvements for MIPS o32.

Patch: Limit Heap Usage of Interpreter While Running Jacks

Patch: little javadoc fix

Patch: mauve-libgcj

Patch: more merges

Patch: more merging work

Patch: native gtk peer

Patch: NIO fixes

Patch: PR java/15133 - gcjh generates wrong method signatures

Re: Patch: PR java/9685, 13098, 15073 - Catch Illegal Package-Private Accesses

Patch: PR java/9685, 13098, 15073 - Catch Illegal Package-PrivateAccesses

Patch: receiveing UDP packets

Patch: remove (gnu.)javax.rmi

Re: Patch: Remove JvAllocObject and add fields to Class for interpreter/JIT data

Patch: Remove JvAllocObject and add fields to Class for interpreter/JITdata

Re: Patch: replace mutex with object synchronization

Patch: replacing gnu.gcj.runtime.FirstThread

Patch: RFC: verifier genericization

Patch: Run JNI tests using interpreter

Patch: set java.ext.dirs property

Patch: several fixes from GNU classpath

Patch: SimpleDateFormat merged

Re: Patch: tcp sockets: removing code duplication

Patch: Update jacks.xfail

Patch: Update jacks.xfail for the tree-ssa merge

PATCH: waitpid in

Patch: ZipFile.getInputStream shouldn't throw NoSuchElement.

ping patches

Re: PING: Reflection doesn't work across interfaces

Problems with libjava's AWT

Re: recent regression

Re: Reflection doesn't work across interfaces

Unreviewed Patches: gcc_update and libjava/

Urgent: Fix Bootstrap - Missing Imports


what's your opinion

Re: Fw: XX3NICAL__ ULTR@M__ F!0RIC3T__ CI@_LiS__ V1AGR0__ TR_AM_AD0L -- accepted worldw1de

직장인,전문직,공무원 시중금리 은행권대출 2 cnwwhhpwct

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