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Soundmasking Systems for Noise Control

Title: Soundmasking System Add Privacy

Soundmasking System
Add Privacy & Mask Noise
Patient Rooms & Hallways


The Masker Front Image  The Masker Back Picture
Used in individual office areas, common waiting areas &
professional offices where confidential conversations occur.
Placed in Hallways and Rooms to Mask Conversations and Noise.

$  389.20 each (click to purchase)

(covers 20? x 20?)

Clients include:

Motorola, Abbott Laboratories, SC Johnson Wax,
Corning, Wing Memorial Hospital, Tufts Health Plans,
Procter & Gamble, Waste Management, US Government

Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act
Compliance with Soundmasking

Soundmasking CD



AVL's Soundmasking CD contains the Industry-Standard Engineered Soundmasking EQ Curve as used in our Engineered Masking Systems.

Play through your existing CD Player on Auto-Repeat or through your
Computer Speakers for added Voice Privacy.

$ 30.00 each

Industry Standard Soundmasking EQ Curve


AVL Electronics Corporation * 2816 13th Street  *  Winthrop Harbor, IL. 60096  *  Tel: 847 746 3610 ext.11  *  Fax: 847 746 7742  *  email:

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