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[PATCH] Cleanup patches to build libgcj on x86/linux

[PATCH] java.lang.Thread private field access.

[PATCH]: `finit$' to replace `$finit$'.

[PATCH]: java/lang/ fix.

`$' in identifiers

Adding libtool.m4 to the source tree and using it

Another AWT patch

AWT Toolkit etc

Boehm-GC build problem on IRIX 5.2

boehm-gc temporary fix

boehm-gc: illegal (in C++) declaration of `_end' on OSF1

Correction: missing ChangeLog entry

Defining lt_preloaded_symbols

Don't exceed command-line length limits

Re: Failed to build libgcj / proplem with libtool

gij patches and more patches


libffi support for FreeBSD

libjava configury tweaking for single-tree build

Libtool update (checking in)

Listing (not that) new libtool files in the top-level

Merging in more AWT stuff

new test

No pthreads support on IRIX 5

No Subject

Re: none

A parallel build fix

Patch - more THANKS

patch to add -classpath option to gij

Patch: `class$' runtime patch again

Patch: addressing PR libgcj/277

Patch: aliases for encoding names

Re: Patch: Another AWT patch

Patch: Another trivial serialization fix

Patch: AWT improvements

Patch: AWT tidbits

Patch: AWT tweaks

Patch: Bitmap marking

Patch: build fixes

Patch: bug fix

Patch: ClassLoader fix

Patch: createZipEntry

Patch: default file encoding selection

PATCH: Documentation for downloading and building [lib]gcj

Patch: EventQueue

Patch: Field.toString

Patch: File.createTempFile fixes

Patch: File.getParentFile

Patch: FileDeleter fix and warning cleanups

Patch: fix for PR java.lang/339

Patch: fix for stringconst2 test

Patch: fix from Mark Wielaard

Patch: fix in _Jv_CondWait

Patch: Fix last patch and convert throws

Patch: Fix PR 289

Patch: fixlet in

Patch: gij -jar fixes

Patch: handle broken backtrace()

Patch: Http protocol

Patch: indentation, etc

Patch: initialize Boolean


Patch: java.applet

Patch: java.awt

Patch: java.awt.image

Patch: java.awt.image (revised)

Patch: merge




Patch: java.lang.String update

Patch: -vs- errno

Patch:, java.util.jar, etc from GNU Classpath


Patch: java/lang/Thread.h and CNI

Patch: kill leftover GC_DEBUG code

Patch: fix

Patch: Method.invoke -vs- null

Patch: Method.toString fixes

Patch: minor AWT improvements

Patch: more code from Classpath

Patch: More Serialization fixes

Patch: New hash function

Patch: new test case

Patch: New test case.

Patch: OutputStreamWriter.close fix

Patch: PipedInputStream

Patch: PR 301

Patch: PR 310 test

Patch: prepare zlib for inclusion in GCC

Patch: PrintWriter merge

Patch: random AWT bits (not checked in)

Patch: RectangularShape.getPathIterator

Patch: reflection fixlets

Patch: remove debugging code

Patch: remove knowledge of name mangling

Patch: select -vs- EINTR

Patch: Serialization

Patch: Serialization mods

Patch: setting classpath

Patch: showval program

Patch: the sad story of Method.toString

Patch: updated patch

Patch: updating cni.sgml

Patch: UTF-8 fixes

Patch: Vector addition

Patch: ZipFile -vs- temporary files

Portability issues

resend of gij -jar patch

Serialization reminder (was: Patch: PrintWriter merge)

Re: Using multi-language libtool

Various gij/jar/zip patches

ZipFile/JarFile OPEN_DELETE mode

zlib doesn't configure

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