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New stuff

It's been a long time since the last libgcj release.  And, while we
still can't do a release (because we need to synchronize with a gcc
release), we thought it might be nice to send out an update on what
has changed since libgcj 2.95.1.

* Kresten Krab Thorup donated a Java bytecode interpreter, so now you
  can run a mix of compiled and interpreted code.  Currently the
  interpreter only works on x86.

* Warren Levy wrote a pure Java implementation of java.math.BigInteger
  based on classes contributed by Per Bothner.

* Andrew Haley wrote java.lang.Throwable.printStackTrace() -- this is
  very cool, and it even demangles the manged Java method names.

* Tom Tromey added JNI support, which is currently in testing.  He
  also finished the reflection support, including Method invocation.

* Andrew Haley also added setjmp/longjmp (aka sjlj) exception support,
  so exceptions should work basically everywhere now.

* ... plus we have the usual long list of bug fixes and less major

Finally, we have some other cool stuff in the pipeline (people who
follow the patch lists know what I mean); I'll send more email as it
goes in.


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