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Building with old gcc

I'm trying to build the current code on Linux with GCC 4.3.2 (stock compiler in Fedora 10 which is my old test system).  It fails like this:

In file included from /mnt/hgfs/pkoning/Documents/svn/gcc/gcc/tree-data-ref.h:27,
                 from /mnt/hgfs/pkoning/Documents/svn/gcc/gcc/
/mnt/hgfs/pkoning/Documents/svn/gcc/gcc/opt-problem.h: In constructor ‘opt_result::opt_result(bool, opt_problem*)’:
/mnt/hgfs/pkoning/Documents/svn/gcc/gcc/opt-problem.h:217: error: class ‘opt_result’ does not have any field named ‘opt_wrapper’
/mnt/hgfs/pkoning/Documents/svn/gcc/gcc/opt-problem.h:217: error: no matching function for call to ‘opt_wrapper<bool>::opt_wrapper()’
/mnt/hgfs/pkoning/Documents/svn/gcc/gcc/opt-problem.h:160: note: candidates are: opt_wrapper<T>::opt_wrapper(T, opt_problem*) [with T = bool]
/mnt/hgfs/pkoning/Documents/svn/gcc/gcc/opt-problem.h:147: note:                 opt_wrapper<bool>::opt_wrapper(const opt_wrapper<bool>&)
make[3]: *** [gimple-loop-interchange.o] Error 1

Is 9.0 supposed to build with a build compiler this old?  The documentation on the GCC web page says an ISO C++ compiler is required but it doesn't tell me whether the C++ compiler in GCC 4.3.2 is adequate.  Since many people will be installing GCC using an older version of GCC, it would be good for the documentation to state what the minimum version of GCC is.


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