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Re: movmem pattern and missed alignment


On Mon, 8 Oct 2018, Alexander Monakov wrote:

> > Only if you somewhere visibly add accesses to *i and *j.  Without them 
> > you only have the "accesses" via memcpy, and as Richi says, those 
> > don't imply any alignment requirements.  The i and j pointers might 
> > validly be char* pointers in disguise and hence be in fact only 
> > 1-aligned.  I.e. there's nothing in your small example program from 
> > which GCC can infer that those two global pointers are in fact 
> > 2-aligned.
> Well, it's not that simple. C11 p7 makes it undefined to form an 
> 'int *' value that is not suitably aligned:
> So in addition to what you said, we should probably say that GCC decides
> not to exploit this UB in order to allow code to round-trip pointer values
> via arbitrary pointer types?

That's correct, I was explaining from the middle-end perspective.  There 
we are consciously more lenient as we have to support the real world and 
other languages than C.  This is one of the cases.


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