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Re: Exhaustive Instructions for Toolchain Generation

On 04/10/17 00:22, Sandra Loosemore wrote:
On 10/03/2017 03:27 PM, R0b0t1 wrote:
On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 4:35 PM, Sandra Loosemore
< <>> wrote:


FAOD, R0b0t1 forwarded mail I deliberately sent off-list back to the list.  I do know that business solicitations are frowned upon on the mailing lists.  :-(


For what is worth, I think you did nothing wrong and this was poor net-etiquette from Robot1.

Incidentally, I don't understand why there is no "Professional Support" page where we can direct people to find professional support. It could have a big red and blinking disclaimer on top saying something like: "The GCC project does not endorse any of these companies/individuals and cannot be held responsible for their behavior. This page is purely informational and may be inaccurate. Please, research and compare vendors by looking at whether they are actually MAINTAINERS of any part of GCC and regular contributors (link to svn/git history). The GCC project advocates free software, thus we encourage you to release as free software, and contribute back to GCC when appropriate, any code resulting from professional work."

I'm very tempted to add an entry to the FAQ in the wiki, since this question has been raised several times in the past, but the people from Codesourcery, Linaro, etc surely know better what they would like to say and where to direct readers.


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