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Re: Exhaustive Instructions for Toolchain Generation

On 4 October 2017 at 17:45, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
>>>> For completeness, GCC has a wiki. But I still don't have an account to
>>>> make an occasional update; and I still don't know how to get an
>>>> account. I tried to get one in the past but the process was broken so
>>>> I gave up.
>>> 1) create an account
>>> 2) get your username added to the right page to grant editing privs
>>> (by someone who already has them)
>>> How is this broken?
>> And "I couldn't be bothered to update the wiki, but someone should" is
>> hardly a good start, is it?
> Its not that we can't be bothered.
> The problem is, the process is so broken we can't do anything (q.v.).
> Or maybe, the folks who own the systems don't even realize how broken
> it is (your comments). Or maybe its by design... Who knows.

Clearly I don't know how it's broken, and am asking you to explain.
Which you're not doing. So I remain ignorant, and you continue
complaining it's broken. Thanks for your help.

If you create a wiki account I'll give you editing rights.

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