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Re: Possible Bug Fix/No Reply on Bugzilla

On 27/09/17 21:56, nick wrote:
Greetings All,

I commented here a few names ago, Not
to be a annoyance but I have a school assignment and would like someone to reply if it's
correct or something. I am assuming it's probably wrong but any comment would be very
helpful before I sent in a patch to the patches list to get merged for the fix.

Take care,

Dear Nick,

Long time ago, I was in your position as a newbie volunteer contributor. Please let me share some suggestions that I hope would help you to direct your efforts in the most useful and least frustrating way possible:

* Nobody can reply to all comments in bugzilla, there are just too many.

* People contributing to GCC are already very busy with their own projects, bugs, priorities. Unfortunately, there is very little time left for mentoring, in particular of sporadic contributors: You are more likely to get a reply if you are a frequent contributor. You have to be very self-motivated, because the start will be slow (I have more tips to share about how to overcome this phase if you are interested).

* People may not know the answer to what you are asking or it may require investing a significant amount of time to find out the answer, thus they reply nothing.

* People are not likely to spend time testing a fix that is "probably wrong". They would hope that you make the effort to test it yourself.

How to move your fix forward? My suggestion would be: Check that it works. Check out trunk, apply your fix, create a testcase, run the testsuite and check that it fixes the issue and it doesn't break anything else.

More detailed instructions:

I'd also suggest to read:

Happy hacking!


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