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Re: GCC Buildbot

On 25/09/17 13:36, Martin Liška wrote:
> Would be great, what exactly do you want to visualize? For me, even having green/red spots
> works fine in order to quickly identify what builds are wrong.

There are several options and I think mostly it depends on what everyone
would like to see but I am thinking that a dashboard with green/red
spots as you mention (which depends not on the existence of failures)
but on the existence of a regression at a certain revision. Also, an
historical graph of results and gcc build times might be interesting as

For benchmarks like Qt, blitz (as mentioned in the gcc testing page), we
can plot the build time of the benchmark and resulting size when
compiling for size.

Again, I expect that once there's something visible and people are keen
to use it, they'll ask for something specific. However, once the
infrastructure is in place, it shouldn't be too hard to add specific

> Hopefully both. I'm attaching my config file (probably more for inspiration that a real use).
> I'll ask my manager whether we can find a machine that can run more complex tests. I'll inform you.

Thanks for the configuration file. I will take a look. Will eagerly wait
for news on the hardware request.

> Yes, duplication in way that it is (will be) same things. I'm adding author of the tool,
> hopefully we can unify the effort (and resources of course).


Paulo Matos

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