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Re: GCC Buildbot

On 25/09/17 11:52, Martin Liška wrote:
> Hi Paulo.
> Thank you for working on that! To be honest, I've been running local buildbot on
> my desktop machine which does builds your buildbot instance can do (please see:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for sharing your builders. Looks like you've got a good setup going.

I have done the very basic only since it was my interest to understand
if people would find it useful. I didn't want to waste my time building
something people have no interest to use.

It seems there is some interest so I am gathering some requirements in
the GitHub issues of the project. One very important feature is
visualization of results, so I am integrating support for data gathering
in influxdb to display using grafana. I do not work full time on this,
so it's going slowly but I should have a dashboard to show in the next
couple of weeks.

> - doing time to time (once a week) sanitizer builds: ASAN, UBSAN and run test-suite
> - doing profiled bootstrap, LTO bootstrap (yes, it has been broken for quite some time) and LTO profiled bootstrap
> - building project with --enable-gather-detailed-mem-stats
> - doing coverage --enable-coverage, running test-suite and uploading to a location:
> - similar for Doxygen:
> - periodic building of some projects: Inkscape, GIMP, linux-kernel, Firefox - I do it with -O2, -O2+LTO, -O3, ...
>   Would be definitely fine, but it takes some care to maintain compatible versions of a project and GCC compiler.
>   Plus handling of dependencies of external libraries can be irritating.
> - cross build for primary architectures
> That's list of what I have and can be inspiration for you. I can help if you want and we can find a reasonable resources
> where this can be run.

Thanks. That's great. As you can see from #9 in, most of the things
I hope to be able to run in the CompileFarm unless, of course, unless
people host a worker on their own hardware. Regarding your offer for
resources. Are you offering to merge your config or hardware? Either
would be great, however I expect your config to have to be ported to
buildbot nine before merging.

> Apart from that, I fully agree with octoploid that is duplicated effort which is running
> on GCC compile farm machines and uses a shell scripts to utilize. I would prefer to integrate it to Buildbot and utilize same
> GCC Farm machines for native builds.

Octoploid? Is that a typo?
I discussed that in the Cauldron with David was surprised to know that
the buildbot you reference is actually not a buildbot implementation
using the Python framework but a handwritten software. So, in that
respect is not duplicated effort. It is duplicated effort if on the
other hand, we try to test the same things. I will try to understand how
to merge efforts to that buildbot.

> Another inspiration (for builds) can come from what LLVM folks do:

Thanks for the pointer. I at one point tried to read their
configuration. However, found the one by gdb simpler and used it as a
basis for what I have. I will look at their builders nonetheless to
understand what they build and how long they take.

> Anyway, it's good starting point what you did and I'm looking forward to more common use of the tool.
> Martin

Paulo Matos

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