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Re: GCC Buildbot

Hi Paulo.

Thank you for working on that! To be honest, I've been running local buildbot on
my desktop machine which does builds your buildbot instance can do (please see:

- doing time to time (once a week) sanitizer builds: ASAN, UBSAN and run test-suite
- doing profiled bootstrap, LTO bootstrap (yes, it has been broken for quite some time) and LTO profiled bootstrap
- building project with --enable-gather-detailed-mem-stats
- doing coverage --enable-coverage, running test-suite and uploading to a location:
- similar for Doxygen:
- periodic building of some projects: Inkscape, GIMP, linux-kernel, Firefox - I do it with -O2, -O2+LTO, -O3, ...
  Would be definitely fine, but it takes some care to maintain compatible versions of a project and GCC compiler.
  Plus handling of dependencies of external libraries can be irritating.
- cross build for primary architectures

That's list of what I have and can be inspiration for you. I can help if you want and we can find a reasonable resources
where this can be run.

Apart from that, I fully agree with octoploid that is duplicated effort which is running
on GCC compile farm machines and uses a shell scripts to utilize. I would prefer to integrate it to Buildbot and utilize same
GCC Farm machines for native builds.

Another inspiration (for builds) can come from what LLVM folks do:

Anyway, it's good starting point what you did and I'm looking forward to more common use of the tool.

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