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Re: Weird warning when building gcc

On 2017-09-24 10:10 AM, Eric Gallager wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 12:34 PM, nick <> wrote:
>> If your able to just tell me where the functions are located or how do you enable ctags for all of
>> gcc? That would just save me asking stupid questions. Is there a global setting like make ctags for
>> doing this or you I have to do it manually.
>> Thanks for the quick response,
>> Nick
> Also, for `make ctags` to work from the top level source directory,
> this patch needs to be applied:
> (The patch is approved but the thread says I was still waiting on
> commit access at the time; I have since received commit access, but my
> ssh keys that allow me to commit are currently stuck on a failing hard
> drive, so if someone else could commit for me, it'd be appreciated.)

Actually that patch has issues, line numbers have changed from your commit and is failing here
due to that:
@endif target-libffi

.PHONY: configure-target-zlib maybe-configure-target-zlib
@if gcc-bootstrap

error: patch failed:
error: patch does not apply

Seems to be an issue that target-libffi is no longer at that line number, it
was moved to 47919 on my current up to date of yesterday tree. Seems that branch
is rather old i.e. last year for the mailing archives you sent me. 

Should I just rewrite the patch to work with current or something?



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