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Re: GCC Buildbot

On 21/09/17 02:27, Joseph Myers wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Sep 2017, Segher Boessenkool wrote:
>>> - buildbot can notify people if the build fails or if there's a test
>>> regression. Notification can be sent to IRC and email for example. What
>>> would people prefer to have as the settings for notifications?
>> Just try it!  IRC is most useful I think, at least for now.  But try
>> whatever seems useful, if there are too many complaints you can always
>> turn it off again ;-)
> We have the gcc-regression list for automatic regression notifications 
> (but as per my previous message, regression notifications are much more 
> useful if someone actually does the analysis, promptly, to identify the 
> cause and possibly a fix).

Yes, the gcc-regression list. Will add a notifier to email the list.

> My glibc bots only detect testsuite regressions that change the exit 
> status of "make check" from successful to unsuccessful (and regressions 
> that break any part of the build, etc.).  That works for glibc, where the 
> vast bulk of configurations have clean compilation-only testsuite results.  
> It won't work for GCC - you need to detect changes in the results of 
> individual tests (or new tests which start out as FAIL and may not 
> strictly be regressions but should still be fixed).  Ideally the expected 
> baseline *would* be zero FAILs, but we're a long way off that.

Yes, with GCC is slightly more complex but it should be possible to
calculate regressions even in the presence of non-zero FAILs.

Thanks for your comments,

Paulo Matos

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