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Re: Impact of bugs on different versions.

On 09/21/2017 06:22 AM, Vicent Brocal wrote:
For a C standalone application (no libs) I selected the following
components: c, inline-asm, ipa, preprocessor, regression,
rtl-optimization, target, tree-optimization.

Am I missing any that could be relevant?

A search only filtering for these components shows >4k results. I guess
that I need to find some way to trim it down.

You should also include middle-end.  If you are using LTO then
also lto.  Ditto for sanitizer.  It's possible that there could
also be relevant bugs under driver and other (the classification
isn't perfect).


Thanks anyway for the indications.

On 21/09/17 14:02, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
On 21 September 2017 at 12:56, Vicent Brocal wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am trying to figure out which are the problems affecting a specific
version of GCC (4.4.2) from the information in the bug tracker

So far I have been able to get a list of the bugs restricted to
standalone C components (c, inline-asm, ipa, preprocessor, regression,
rtl-optimization, target, tree-optimization) and filtering "known to
fail" field to 4.4.2.

Does that cover the case when for example a bug was detected for 4.4.5
that also impacts 4.4.2?

How exhaustively previous versions in the same
series (e.g 4.4) are checked when a problem is discovered in a newer
version (e.g 4.4.5)?
Not at all exhaustively. Even if someone tests it and confirms it's
present in that version, typically it wouldn't get listed in the Known
to fail field.

In general if a bug affects 4.4.5 and is not marked as a Regression
(in the bug summary) then it is safe to assume it also affected all
earlier 4.4.x releases

That field isn't even always populated (it's only required for
regressions). You also need to look at the Version field.

A bug could have been detected in 4.4.1 and not fixed until 4.4.3, in
which case it would be present in 4.4.2 but that wouldn't be in the
Known to fail field, or the Version field.

Or a bug could have been detected in 4.5.0 and fixed for 4.5.1, but
also present in older versions too, including 4.4.2. But you wouldn't
find any 4.4.x number in any field.

You're going to need to do a **lot** more work than simply inspecting
the Known to fail field, or any simple combination of fields.



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