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Re: Possible gcc 4.8.5 bug about RELOC_HIDE marcro in latest kernel code

Hi Wilcon

The 4.8.5 is default gcc version for centos 7.x

Ok, I will consider to upgrade the gcc version.

Thanks for your advice.



在 9/21/2017 8:56 PM, Wilco Dijkstra Wrote:
Hi Justin,

I tried centos 7.4 gcc 4.8.5-16, which seems to announce to fix this issue.
And I checked the source code, the patch had been included in.
But no luck, the bug is still there.

Could you please please any advice to me? eg. Is there any ways to disable such
reload compilation procedure?
Reload is an intrinsic part of register allocation in GCC, it cannot be disabled.

My advice would be to use GCC7 - there are many more issues in GCC4.8
which you will run into sooner or later. I've done many backports for AArch64 and
generally stopped at GCC6, so please don't consider using anything older.

A recent GCC will also generate MUCH more efficient code for AArch64. The
same is true for GLIBC. So why use something as ancient as GCC4.8???


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