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Re: GCC Buildbot

On Wed, 20 Sep 2017, Segher Boessenkool wrote:

> > - buildbot can notify people if the build fails or if there's a test
> > regression. Notification can be sent to IRC and email for example. What
> > would people prefer to have as the settings for notifications?
> Just try it!  IRC is most useful I think, at least for now.  But try
> whatever seems useful, if there are too many complaints you can always
> turn it off again ;-)

We have the gcc-regression list for automatic regression notifications 
(but as per my previous message, regression notifications are much more 
useful if someone actually does the analysis, promptly, to identify the 
cause and possibly a fix).

My glibc bots only detect testsuite regressions that change the exit 
status of "make check" from successful to unsuccessful (and regressions 
that break any part of the build, etc.).  That works for glibc, where the 
vast bulk of configurations have clean compilation-only testsuite results.  
It won't work for GCC - you need to detect changes in the results of 
individual tests (or new tests which start out as FAIL and may not 
strictly be regressions but should still be fixed).  Ideally the expected 
baseline *would* be zero FAILs, but we're a long way off that.

Joseph S. Myers

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