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Re: GCC Buildbot


On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 05:01:55PM +0200, Paulo Matos wrote:
> This mail's intention is to gauge the interest of having a buildbot for
> GCC.

+1.  Or no, +100.

> - which machines we can use as workers: we certainly need more worker
> (previously known as slave) machines to test GCC in different
> archs/configurations;

I think this would use too much resources (essentially the full machines)
for the GCC Compile Farm.  If you can dial it down so it only uses a
small portion of the machines, we can set up slaves there, at least on
the more unusual architectures.  But then it may become too slow to be

> - what kind of build configurations do we need and what they should do:
> for example, do we want to build gcc standalone against system (the one
> installed in the worker) binutils, glibc, etc or do we want a builder to
> bootstrap everything?

Bootstrap is painfully slow, but it catches many more problems.

> -  We are building gcc for C, C++, ObjC (Which is the default). Shall we
> add more languages to the mix?

I'd add Fortran, it tends to find problems (possibly because it has much
bigger tests than most C/C++ tests are).  But all extra testing uses
disproportionally more resources...  Find a sweet spot :-)  You probably
should start with as little as possible, or perhaps do bigger configs
every tenth build, or something like that.

> - the gdb buildbot has a feature I have disabled (the TRY scheduler)
> which allows people to submit patches to the buildbot, buildbot patches
> the current svn version, builds and tests that. Would we want something
> like this?

This is very useful, but should be mostly separate...  There are of course
the security considerations, but also this really needs clean builds every
time, and perhaps even bootstraps.

> - buildbot can notify people if the build fails or if there's a test
> regression. Notification can be sent to IRC and email for example. What
> would people prefer to have as the settings for notifications?

Just try it!  IRC is most useful I think, at least for now.  But try
whatever seems useful, if there are too many complaints you can always
turn it off again ;-)

Thank you for working on this.


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