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Re: Byte swapping support

On 14/09/17 08:22, Eric Botcazou wrote:
>> And there are lots of other problems, I don't have time to document them
>> all, or even remember them all.  Personally, I think you are better off
>> trying to fix the application to make it more portable.  Fixing the
>> compiler is not a magic solution to the problem that is any easier than
>> fixing the application.
> Note that WRS' Diab compiler has got something equivalent to what GCC has got 
> now, i.e. a way to tag a particular component in a structure as BE or LE.

It is over 20 years ago since I played with a Diab Data compiler, for
the m68k.

I seem to remember it being able to attach a big-endian or little-endian
label to any individual variable (rather than a type), which could be a
scaler rather than a struct.  So it was a bit more flexible than gcc.

It also had a more flexible inline assembly system than gcc.

And it had a /massive/ price tag, way beyond our reach at the time - so
I only had a demo version :-(


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