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Re: Where can I get copyright assignment/disclaimer forms for contribution to gcc ?

On 8 September 2017 at 11:10, lhmouse wrote:
> Dear GCC developers,
> I have created a patch for enabling diagnostic colors on Windows. In order to allow the patch to be integrate with GCC, I need the copyright assignment/disclaimer forms, according to <>. Our MinGW target maintainer, jon_y, is also interested in the patch. While we have no idea about the process about submitting patches, we need some guidance about:
> 1. where I get the copyright assignment or disclaimer forms, and

I'll send you the form, which you need to email to the FSF.

> 2. what I do with that form (from <> I learned that I print it, sign it, then send back a scanned copy of it, is that enough?), and

The FSF will send you the paperwork to sign and return to them.

> 3. which format I use for the patch (it was generated using Git rather than SVN), the changelog, etc.

That's explained at or you
can look at the thousands of examples sent to the gcc-patches mailing
list, to see what others do.

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