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Re: [llvm-dev] DragonEgg for GCC v8.x and LLVM v6.x is just able to work

Dear Chris,

Thanks for your kind response!

The motivating of this work:

1. Clang can not build Linux and LLVMLinux patch was not be maintained?

2. Clang analyzer Frontend can not static analysis glibc or Linux but analyzer checker is able to find the bugs for KDE :)

3. For leaning GCC plugin, GIMPLE, LLVM IR, GCC PASS, LLVM PASS, CodeGen, etc. from llvm-gcc and dragonegg, thanks for your great job!

The usecase for dragonegg:

1. mips64-linux-gnu-gcc (WIP), arm-linux-gnu-gcc and x86 GCC Frontend -> GIMPLE -> LLVM IR -> Assembly or for KLEE

2. GCC Frontend -> GIMPLE -> Clang AST (WIP)

I am interested in some other frontend, such as flang-clang and it is glad to learn from other developers :)

在 2017年09月07日 12:10, Chris Lattner 写道:
On Sep 4, 2017, at 8:13 PM, Leslie Zhai via llvm-dev <> wrote:

Hi LLVM and GCC developers,

LLVM China  forked DragonEgg  because:

* Some subprojects are impractical or uninteresting to relicense (e.g. llvm-gcc  and dragonegg). These will be split off from the LLVM project (e.g. to separate Github projects), allowing interested people to continue their development elsewhere.

* There are a lot of issues  so I need smarter developers' help.
Hi Leslie,

Out of curiosity, what is motivating this work?  What is the usecase for dragonegg these days, now that Clang has great C++ support?  Are you interested in Ada + LLVM or some other frontend?


Leslie Zhai -

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