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Re: Assigning the result of a function call to a variable in the Gfortran frontend

Hi Leslie,

I copied you in this thread as you currently worked quite a bit with
dragonegg and we are currently trying to generate metadata that makes it
easier to reason about multi-dimensional fortran arrays.


On Mon, Sep 4, 2017, at 23:06, (IIIT) Siddharth Bhat wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been hacking on the Gfortran frontend to change array index
> expressions to function calls, so that I can inspect them later on in the
> pipeline. I go from Fortran -> LLVM IR (through dragonegg) where I will
> look at the function call nodes.
> However, I'm not able to generate correct IR for this. I can create
> function call, but I am unable to assign the return value of a function
> call to a variable here.
> Here's a link to my experiments here: It includes a patch, a test file
> and
> the GIMPLE output
> <>
> .
> Help would be very much appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Siddharth.
> -- 
> Sending this from my phone, please excuse any typos!

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