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GNU Tools Cauldron 2017: OMP (Offloading and Multi Processing) BoF


As Honza told me recently, it has been proposed by Martin -- I don't know
which one ;-) -- and certainly makes sense, to have another OMP
(Offloading and Multi Processing) BoF at the GNU Tools Cauldron 2017,
which is currently scheduled for Saturday, 11:00 to 11:45.  That is, a
general OMP BoF session in addition to more specific individual

Honza volunteered me to host it ;-) -- to which I'm not immediately
objecting, but my time to prepare anything at all is very limited
(non-existing?) right now, and I still got to first organize stuff/myself
for my other presentation slot...

We could do it off the cuff, but it'd also be very useful to know
beforehand a handful of topics to talk about.  So, who's interested in
contributing to this OMP BoF?  I put some candidates in CC, but
everyone's welcome to contribute, of course!  I suggest this should
really be BoF-like: more interaction and discussion instead of too much


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