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Re: [PATCH] Write dependency information (-M*) even if there are errors

On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Jeff Law wrote:

> This directly reverts part of Joseph's changes from 2009.   I'd like to
> hear from him on this change.

The point of those changes was to make cpplib diagnostics use the 
compiler's diagnostic machinery rather than a separate set of diagnostic 
machinery in cpplib.  The description, regarding dependency information 
generation, in the original patch description 
<>, is "the code 
in cpplib that checked for errors before deciding whether to write 
dependency output no longer does so (instead, the compiler has the same 
check, but this time based on whether there were any errors at all, 
whether compiler or preprocessor)".

That is, that patch wasn't meant to make any change to how errors affect 
dependency generation beyond causing compiler errors to be handled the 
same as preprocessor errors.

I suppose a question for the present proposal would be making sure any 
dependencies generated in this case do not include dependencies on files 
that don't exist (so #include "some-misspelling.h" doesn't create any sort 
of dependency on such a header).

Joseph S. Myers

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