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Re: default function alignment

On 08/02/2017 11:37 AM, Joseph Myers wrote:
On Wed, 2 Aug 2017, Martin Sebor wrote:

If there is no way, would enhancing target-supports.exp to
include a header that defines the macro? (I assume that would
be gcc/target.h for FUNCTION_BOUNDARY).

target.h is for target hooks, not target macros, and we want to move away
from target macros, so adding dependencies on the existence of a macro
with this value doesn't seem like a good idea (anyway, FUNCTION_BOUNDARY
can depend on command-line options passed to the compiler, so getting it
from a compiler header can't possibly work).

We have -fbuilding-libgcc to pass configuration to target library builds
that shouldn't otherwise be needed in normal user code built by GCC (via
defining extra predefined macros if that option is passed).  I suppose you
could have something like that to provide such information to the

Thanks.  That's good to know about.  To keep the patch from getting
too big I think might just take a chance and hope there is no maximum
function alignment.  If there is I'll deal with the fallout later.


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