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layout of __attribute__((packed)) vs. #pragma pack


There's an option in GCC "-mms-bitfields". The doc about it begins with:

"If packed is used on a structure, or if bit-fields are used, it may be that the Microsoft ABI lays out the structure differently than the way GCC normally does. Particularly when moving packed data between functions compiled with GCC and the native Microsoft compiler (either via function call or as data in a file), it may be necessary to access either format."

I'm particularly interested in packed structs, bit-fields are not a concern now. Does this doc mean, that a packed struct layout may differ between GCC and MSVC? The doc doesn't give an example of this, it just talks about bit-fields. If the packed layout can differ, in which way does it? Previously I thought that both compilers put members into the struct without any padding, so the layout must match.

Plus, __attribute__((packed)) documentation have changed:, here the text is:

The packed attribute specifies that a variable or structure field should have the smallest possible alignment—one byte for a variable, and one bit for a field, unless you specify a larger value with the aligned attribute., here the text is:

"This attribute, attached to struct or union type definition, specifies that each member (other than zero-width bit-fields) of the structure or union is placed to minimize the memory required"

What does "minimize" mean here? Does it give the same guarantees as the previous definition? Could it mean that there's still padding in the struct?



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