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question about GCC Wiki

...or more precisely, about MoinMoin hyperlink formatting.

I'd like to insert hyperlinks to anchors in the GCC HTML manual
on some Wiki pages.  Specifically, I'd like to be able to link
to the description of a command line option or an attribute,
and I'd also like to render the text of the link in monospace
font.  But try as I might, I haven't been able to convince Moin
Moin to do this for me.  (The usual {{{[link]}}} is documented
to disable the link so that's out.  Ditto with the backtick.)

The MoinMoin HelpOnLinking page mentions setting attributes
on links for some visual effects but it's short on details (it
refers to "some HTML reference" for more and I haven't been able
to find anything about this in the places I looked):

  Available attributes: class, title, target, accesskey (see
  some html reference if you want to know what they mean).

Does anyone happen to know how to do what I want? (If it's even
possible in MoinMoin?)


PS Is the GUI editor on the Wiki not working? (It doesn't work
for me.)

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