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Bug in lto-plugin.c ?

Hi, I tried to build a canadian cross with Configured with

While the result appears to work under wine, I am getting the
following error from ld in a non-LTO compile + link:

e:/winavr/8.0_2017-07-18/bin/../lib/gcc/avr/8.0.0/../../../../avr/bin/ld.exe: error: asprintf failed

After playing around I found that -fno-use-linker-plugin avoids that
message, and I speculated that the error is emit by lto-plugin.c

In claim_file_handler() we have:

      /* We pass the offset of the actual file, not the archive header.
         Can't use PRIx64, because that's C99, so we have to print the
	 64-bit hex int as two 32-bit ones. */
      int lo, hi, t;
      lo = file->offset & 0xffffffff;
      hi = ((int64_t)file->offset >> 32) & 0xffffffff;
      t = hi ? asprintf (&objname, "%s@0x%x%08x", file->name, lo, hi)
	     : asprintf (&objname, "%s@0x%x", file->name, lo);
      check (t >= 0, LDPL_FATAL, "asprintf failed");

If hi != 0, then why is hi printed at the low end? Shouldn't hi and lo
be swapped like so

      t = hi ? asprintf (&objname, "%s@0x%x%08x", file->name, hi, lo)

if this is supposed to yield a 64-bit print?

What else could lead to an "asprintf failed" ?  Unfortunately I have
no idea how to debug that on the host...


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