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Re: onlinedocs: How to link to external HTML documents?

Joseph Myers schrieb:
On Tue, 11 Jul 2017, Georg-Johann Lay wrote:

Hi, in a recent change I added a pointer to some
Binutils documentation in doc/extend.texi:

see the GNU Binutils
assembler manual}}.

For other manuals in the Texinfo universe, it's best to use Texinfo @xref in its five-argument form. Then, for such a link to work on, you need a .htaccess entry to redirect from /onlinedocs/as to a location where that manual is actually available online.

Sounds complicated and requiring access rights I don't have (and shouldn't be required to have or don't even want to have).

What's a bit annoying is that I can't even test this locally, because
locally all was fine and the external link worked as expected.

For now I just reverted...

Maybe what helps is escaping the "_" itself, like _005f002d or %5f002d. At least the first form cannot be tested locally as my local texinfo, for whatever reason, deviates from what runs on the gcc server. I'll give the 2nd version a try.

IIRC some links don't even work internally within onlinedocs, for example I found no way to link to
even though there's an anchor "AVR-Built-in-Macros". texinfo will always add a redundant top-level anchor like AVR-Options.html#AVR-Options for some obscure reason.


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