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combiner: how to compute cost for bit insertion?

Hi, I'd need some help with the following optimization issue:

avr backend supports insns for bit insertion, and insn combiner tries to use them:

unsigned char bset (unsigned char a, unsigned char n)
  return (a & ~0x40) | (n & 0x40);

Trying 7 -> 14:
Successfully matched this instruction:
(set (zero_extract:QI (reg/i:QI 24 r24)
        (const_int 1 [0x1])
        (const_int 6 [0x6]))
    (lshiftrt:QI (reg:QI 52)
        (const_int 6 [0x6])))
rejecting combination of insns 7 and 14
original costs 4 + 4 = 8
replacement cost 24

Hence the existing insn is rejected because of too high costs.

The problem is that the backend only sees

avr_rtx_costs[bset:combine(266)]=true (size) total=24, outer=set:
(lshiftrt:QI (reg:QI 52)
    (const_int 6 [0x6]))

Hence this looks like a QI shift as the ZERO_EXTRACT is killed, only the outer SET is available which is not very helpful.

A shift is actually more expensive than a bit insertion.

How can I fix that?

What I'd like to avoid is to write hell of many complicated patterns like for:

Trying 8, 7 -> 9:
Failed to match this instruction:
(set (reg:QI 50)
    (ior:QI (and:QI (reg/v:QI 49 [ n ])
            (const_int 64 [0x40]))
        (and:QI (reg:QI 24 r24 [ a ])
            (const_int -65 [0xffffffffffffffbf]))))

This would be a different representation of bit insertion, but it would also need many patterns:

* Ones for same bit number (like in the example)
* Ones where the src bit is smaller than the dest bit (needs ASHIFT).
* Ones where the src bit is greater than the dest bit (needs LSHIFTRT).
* Ones where the MSB has to be inserted (will use other canonical form)
* Ones where the LSB has to be inserted (will use other canonical form)
* ... you name it.

Any ideas for a sane approach?



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