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Re: timeouts/malloc failures in ada tests?

On 7/7/2017 17:38, Eric Botcazou wrote:
I see large numbers of timeouts in Ada tests on trunk in parallel
run s (make -j96) on x86_64.  Messages like the one below appear
in the logs, suggesting some sort of heap corruption.  I'm having
trouble reproducing it outside the rest of the test suite (i.e.,
by just running the Ada tests by themselves) but maybe I'm doing
it wrong.  Unless this is a known problem I can try to pinpoint
it closer if someone could share the magic spell to run just Ada
tests to speed up the debugging.

Is it (a known problem)?

No, but regressions were recently introduced in the ACATS testsuite:

                === acats tests ===
FAIL:   cb4008a
FAIL:   cb41001

so this could be related.

Ada is not enabled by default so this is not surprising.  It's OK for small
changes and bug fixes, but people making extensive changes to the compiler
should really consider enabling it (and it's a very good testbed).

Good timing on this post! I just finished my first test build in a while using a new unwind patch for dragonfly (it moved the signal trampoline, breaking the previous unwind) and I saw these exact two failures. Even though the new patch has been in use for months, I was still thinking it caused the test failures.

Thanks for piping up, Eric!  :)


P.S. I'll post the dragonfly-specific unwind patch to the patches mail list later today. It's been tested internally for weeks.

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