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Testing on Ryzen - Re: [patch, libfortran] AMD-specific versions of library matmul

GCC folks, if possible could someone install the dejagnu machinery on the Ryzen machines on the compile farm? Not sure who to ask.

On 05/25/2017 07:29 AM, Thomas Koenig wrote:
Hi Jerry,

Yes, OK.  Maybe test Ryzen first?

Sure, I can wait for a bit :-)
I just confirmed access to the Ryzen machines so I plan to get set up and test there.

I have had access for some time now. I did not realize they had a few Ryzen machines now. I got right in.

Of course they do not have all the prerequisites installed on the machine so I used contrib/download_prerequsites and the build completed fine.

Next issue is they do not have the dejagnu machinery on the machine either so we need to get someone to install that unless there is a contrib script that will do the trick. (or maybe I am doing something wrong, make check did not work)

In the meantime I will get the patch applied and test with our timing routines.


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