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git-svn error due to out-of-sync changes?

I just tried to push a change and got the error below.  git
pull says my tree is up to date.  I wonder if it's caused by
my commit conflicting with another commit (in this case
r248244) that git-svn doesn't see because it lags behind SVN.
I brushed this (and other strange errors) off before, not
bothering to try to understand it but it's happened enough
times that I'd like to bring it up.  I expect some (maybe
even most) of these issues would not exist if we were using
Git directly rather than the git-svn wrapper. Has any more
progress been made on the Git integration project?  Is there
something I/we can do to help get it done?


Transaction is out of date: File '/trunk/gcc/ChangeLog' is out of date
W: 4a11229537e1323e4a738726de15f84b03b2eff8 and refs/remotes/svn/trunk differ, using rebase: :040000 040000 2fc7cb858d283680126b2f3926c164f66dddcce1 6181e5c83e49b93614e01ef41ff8c73b71a79784 M gcc
Current branch master is up to date.
ERROR: Not all changes have been committed into SVN, however the committed
ones (if any) seem to be successfully integrated into the working tree.
Please see the above messages for details.

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