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Re: Ada gcc compiler for ia64-hp-openvms <<< perhaps second, there are been mailing isuse


Actually, this port is a survival initiative. I was part of a VMS port from Alpha to Itanium, which was finally launched... the month Adacore decided to stop its support.

I had long negociations with Quentin Ochem in France, hoping to get the Adacore compiler even without support, and the answer has been no. Because this involved a crash of our port project, I took the initiative of 'doing something'. Quentin Ochem introduced Adalabs to me and I took the risk of rebuilding from sources the compiler. In less than six months Adalabs has been able to do the job. Choice of gcc 4.7 has been a technology choice to go forward as quickly as possible.

My deal with the final customer was: you pay the fees you'd payed to Adacore, and we guaranty your perimeter. So we did the rebuild with 2 contracts support investment. It's not good business, it's just survival kit. I don't know how all others Gnat Pro VMS users will survive, but I'm opened on any negociation with Adacore to help them, if Adacore helps transfering revenue of their support to help making my survival kits survive.

I unsderstand Adacore could think about VMS ecosystem for Ada as not good business. It could be very different for a very little company like mine, specialized for decades on VMS and involved in VMS renewal from VSI (VMS Software International). My understanding of the AdaCore initiative is it has been finding a way to keep Ada alive, so we share the same values, and I can help the VMS Ada segment survive.

Anything can be imagined, why not, as you said, to do some github push of the port realized with the help of AdaLabs? why not ending the absurd situation of rebuilding a compiler which already exists, and building together a partnership -with no cost for Adacore, but some interests for us?

Anyway - and it is the answer about support - my company (pia-sofer) has definitivly decided to maintain an Ada compiler for VMS. Today I pushed on internet our survival kit: Its life will depend on number of adopters, friendly recommandations, and for sure, fruits from this discution.

Because I'm a little bit new in the Ada ecosystem, I took contacts in France with french experts who, if necessary, I will be able to call for help for support ( Jean-Pierre Rosen is The ada French expert) and Novasys ( about 40 Ada experienced software experts).

Best regards,

Gérard Calliet, pia-sofer ceo

+33 670 716 179

Le 16/05/2017 à 09:29, Arnaud Charlet a écrit :
Also I forgot to mention: I would recommend putting your GCC 4.7 based
port on e.g. github so that other people can benefit from it, since putting
this code base in isn't on the table as per David's emails. I
think that would be the best compromise.


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