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Re: Install GCC guide


I redid the build without touching binutils ( is installed on the system), then it works OK. The issue is when you follow the install guide's suggestion to unpack binutils within the source tree.

So indeed the issue is with the doc.

Once you start moving dirs from binutils to gcc tree and configure, things go wrong, and keep going wrong if you try to undo.

Building binutils on its own, separately works ok as well.


On 13/05/17 00:05, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
On 12 May 2017 at 14:03, joris wrote:

The installing GCC guide contains a paragraph that says 'If you also intend
to build binutils (either to upgrade an existing installation or for use in
place of the corresponding tools of your OS), unpack the binutils
distribution either in the same directory or a separate one.'

Bu according to bug,
unpacking a binutils source release within a GCC source release may not be a
good idea.

Problem with building GCC is that if you do not, you end up with a missing
I can't parse this sentence. If you do not what? Build binutils at the
same time?

It's certainly not true that you get a missing libiberty if you don't
build binutils at the same time.

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