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Re: 'make check' questions

On 11/05/17 11:43, Simon Wright wrote:
I see from that it's possible to run tests in parallel. I get the impression from gcc/Makefile that the check concerned has to be set up in the Makefile (in my build tree, configured with --target=x86_64-apple-darwin16 --enable-languages=c,c++,ada,fortran,objc,obj-c++ , I see both lang_checks and lang_checks_parallelized set empty). So, is it necessary for check-ada or check-acats to cope with being run in parallel (i.e., will they ever see GCC_RUNTEST_PARALLELIZE_DIR set?)

I don't usually build Ada, but testing with "make -j<n> check" works for me where <n> is the parallelism I want

Also in, under what circumstances would a test report ERROR (the testsuite detected an error) or WARNING (the testsuite detected a possible problem)? For example, if a particular test that should compile & run has a build error, is that a FAIL or an ERROR?

ERROR results are usually problems with the testsuite infrastructure, like misformed DejaGNU directives. They don't usually appear in a clean test run.
If a test fails to build due to a compiler problem i.e. an ICE or other bug it will be a FAIL. If the test harness has a problem with the testsuite directives
syntax I think it will be reported as ERROR.

I usually get WARNINGs if a runtime tests times out. It can happen when testing against simulators or if the test was miscompiled into an infinite loop.


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