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Re: GCC target_clone support

On 05/05/2017 12:18 PM, Michael Meissner wrote:
I'm in the middle of adding support for the target_clone attribute to the
PowerPC.  At the moment, the x86_64/i386 port is the only port that supports
target_clone.  I added the arm/s390 port maintainers to this query, because
those ports might also consider supporting target_clones in the future.

In doing the work, I noticed that some of the functions called by the target
hooks that were fairly generic, and we might want to move these functions into
common code?  Would people object if I put out a patch to move these functions
to common code?
Sounds wise to me -- as you know its not unusual to find commonality when a feature is enabled on a new target.

I also have a question on the functionality of target_clone that I will address
in a separate message.

So far, the list of generic code that could be moved to common code to allow
other ports to add target_clone support include:Please consider this class of changes pre-approved. There's no reason
to wait for review as you move this stuff around and generalize it slightly.


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