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Re: Ada gcc compiler for ia64-hp-openvms

On Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 10:55 AM, David SAUVAGE - AdaLabs Ltd
<> wrote:
> Dear GCC Steering Committee,
> I am David, founder of AdaLabs Ltd, a software engineering startup
> having expertise in Ada programming language technologies. As a summary,
> we would like to know if gcc has interest in an assignment of copyright
> to FSF from our work. We are not used to this process, and are kindly
> soliciting your support on this task. Our work is about Ada compiler
> support on GCC for OpenVMS.
> AdaLabs Ltd ( and PIA-SOFER SARL
> ( have worked hard to make Ada available again on
> OpenVMs using GCC (ia64-hp-openvms). Both entities share ownership,
> while AdaLabs is also the author of the work.
> Our work is based on gcc-4.7.4, and consists in building a gcc compiler
> for openvms ia64 (through native, cross and canadian build, starting
> from x86_64-linux-gnu to finally reach ia64-hp-openvms). The
> modifications are of two flavours:
> - patches to make the builds successful (in native, cross and canadian
> builds)
> - patches/backports to implement Ada/VMS related features, that are
> present in gcc version after gcc-4.7.4 (in native, cross and canadian
> builds).
> In the case you are interested in our copyright assignment proposal, we
> would be pleased to continue this process.
> In the case you are not interested in our copyright assignment proposal,
> we would be pleased if you could advise us on the best way to make our
> work available to the GNU/FSF community, especially concerning the
> licenses and copyrights management.
> I am at your disposal concerning any information you may need to take a
> stand concerning this proposal.

Hi, David

The GCC Community always is open to considering patches to support new
languages, new targets and new features.

When you say that the work is based on GCC 4.7.4, does that mean that
the patches are relative to GCC 4.7.4, as opposed to the current
development version of GCC?

GCC only accepts patches relative to the current development sources.
Patches for bug fixes can be considered for backporting to an actively
maintained branch, but GCC does not accept patches for completely new
features to a release branch.  Also, GCC 4.7 initially was released 5
years ago and no longer accepts patches.

Does the offer include continued support and maintenance of Ada/VMS to
ensure that it continues to function?  The GCC community requires
someone to assume responsibility for the continued function of the new

Can you clarify some of the details of the offer?

Thanks, David

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