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Re: Renaming moutline-msabi-xlogues to mcall-ms2sysv-xlogues

On Sun, Apr 09, 2017 at 03:52:30PM -0500, Daniel Santos wrote:
> So I've been browsing through the gcc docs for other archs and 
> noticed that they all use different terminology for their options that 
> call or jump to stubs as a substitute for emitting inline saves & 
> restores for registers.
> ARC:  -mno-millicode
> AVR:  -mcall-prologues
> V850: -mno-prolog-function(enabled by default)
> I think that PowerPC/rs6000 does this without an option (or maybe in -Os?).

The rs6000 ports determines what to do in function rs6000_savres_strategy.

Whether or not to do inline saves is different per kind of registers
(integer, float, vector), per ABI, and depends on other factors as well:
we always inline if it is just as small, we always inline if the outline
routines wouldn't work, and indeed for some ABIs we inline unless -Os
was used.  There are some more considerations.

But yes, there is no option to force different code generation.  This
is a good thing.


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