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Re: New prerequisites to support multi image COARRAY in gfortran


On April 4, 2017 at 9:48:23 AM, Jerry DeLisle ( wrote:

> Gerald, (or who does this)  
> Since shared memory parallel programming with Fortran is now a Standard feature  
> of the language, we would like to support full parallelism through the use of  
> mpich and OpenCorrays.  

Clarification: Fortran’s parallel programming model is agnostic about the memory architecture. The 2008 standard made Fortran the only widely used language with a parallel programming model that works in shared- or distributed-memory systems.  I’ve seen papers in which people have run coarray Fortran (CAF) on over 100,000 cores with impressive results.

As a side note, the draft 2015 standard makes Fortran also the only widely used language with support for fault tolerance, which makes Alessandro’s and Andre’s work on failed-image support truly exciting and I’m amazed that there already exists an MPI limitation with some support for what is needed to support failed-image detection. 


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