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New prerequisites to support multi image COARRAY in gfortran

Gerald, (or who does this)

Since shared memory parallel programming with Fortran is now a Standard feature
of the language, we would like to support full parallelism through the use of
mpich and OpenCorrays.

We choose mpich as a default only because it is very stable. We choose
OpenCoarrays because it works well with gfortran and the developers have also
supported significant portions of the gfortran frontend (not to mention that it
is the only such library available). Choosing these as defaults for gfortran
does not exclude any user from using any other libraries in the future since the
final connection occurs at link time when a user compiles with -fcoarray=lib.

In order to support testing of installation of the new packages we are
requesting that the package tarballs be placed on the along with the
other gcc prerequisite packages here:

There will be two stable released packages with appropriate shasum information
to be added. I can provide the links to those packages for download or send them
to you directly.

Requesting approval for this first step. (Later steps (more than one) will
provide patches for review of the contrib/download_prerequisites script. Another
step will be modifying OpenCoarrays build structure to align with the Gnu/gcc
build process. I believe mpich is already suitable, but will be testing.)

Is this OK?



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