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Re: Translation breaks IDE

On 17 March 2017 at 12:17, Frédéric Marchal wrote:
> On Friday 17 March 2017 13:32:17 Janne Blomqvist wrote:
>> Not my area of expertise, but it seems the Glorious Future (TM) in
>> this area is something called the "language server protocol", see
>> . Though AFAIK nobody is working on GCC
>> integration so far.
> I was looking for a short term solution. Not something that might possibly be
> available in 20 years :-)

Changing GCC's output and getting IDEs to support it isn't exactly
short term either (and the suggested (E) additions look ugly IMHO).

> Translations are unusable from within an IDE until gcc offers some solution to
> let the IDE detects errors and warnings irrespective of the selected language.
> Currently, every single translated gcc*.po file is affected (Spanish and
> Indonesian users would still see errors as "error" apparently translates to
> "error" in those languages).

Or the translators decided not to translate those words, maybe for this reason.

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