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Re: __sync_-builtins cause undefined references on some sparc targets

On 03/03/17 13:23, Eric Botcazou wrote:
Is libbacktrace excluded from the build, or is it build but broken?
Neither, it's presumably falls back to __atomic.  No big deal in any case,
since you'll presumably never use libbacktrace in practice.

We have (libgcc/config/gthr-rtems.h)

static inline int
__gthread_active_p (void)
  return 1;

and (libgfortran/runtime/backtrace.c)

show_backtrace (bool in_signal_handler)
  struct backtrace_state *lbstate;
  struct mystate state = { 0, false, in_signal_handler };

  lbstate = backtrace_create_state (NULL, __gthread_active_p (),
                    error_callback, NULL);

and (libgfortran/runtime/backtrace.c)

struct backtrace_state *
backtrace_create_state (const char *filename, int threaded,
            backtrace_error_callback error_callback,
            void *data)
  struct backtrace_state init_state;
  struct backtrace_state *state;

  if (threaded)
error_callback (data, "backtrace library does not support threads", 0);
      return NULL;

So, I doubt this works for RTEMS.

I guess libgfortran needs an option to be a bit less verbose on some targets.

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