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Re: [patch, libgfortran RFC] Installation script for OpenCoarrays to enable multi-image gfortran

Hi Damian,

> It would be difficult or impossible for several OpenCoarrays
> developers to contribute without OpenCoarrays remaining separate for
> several reasons.

No, I understand that. What I meant is: do want to provide seamless integration, so that libgfortran builds would automatically detect if an MPI environment is available, and if so build opencoarrays. The only “hard" dependency is whether we have an mpicc, it seems.

However, the big issue is that of build-time requirements, which are not compatible with GCC: opencoarrays depends on cmake and bash, so it is in that respect very different from GMP and MPFR, which do not have stricter requirement than GCC itself.

I’ve started today to look at the OpenCoarrays source, and I admit I am quite lost… it seems that the build machinery is much larger than the source itself. Technically, it seems doable to OpenCoarrays a “Makefile.gfortran” that would build OpenCoarrays, without the need for bash or cmake. Does this sound right to you?

>> Ultimately, since multi images is part of the Fortran language, it should just
>> happen transparently with the gcc regular build process.
> We’re all in agreement here so hopefully Jerry’s submission will be
> approved.

Currently, I don’t think we can integrate it in this form, due to build requirements. Maybe the threshold is lower for integrating it into GCC’s contrib scripts directory?


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