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oddities in the moxie gcc backend

I have a toy backend based on the moxie backend as a template.  During its
development I found some oddities in the moxie backend that may be bugs.

1. The REGNO_OK_FOR_INDEX_P(NUM) macro in moxie.h is:


Since MOXIE_FP is 0, this returns false for every register.  Should the body
be a literal 0, or some comparison between NUM and MOXIE_FP?

2. I see no actual use of MOXIE_PC or the SPECIAL_REGS register class.  Could they
be deleted (with adjustments for decrementing MOXIE_CC)?

3. moxie_compute_frame () doesn't take !fixed_regs[regno] into account, which the
related loops in moxie_expand_prologue () and moxie_expand_epilogue () do.  Bug?

There are also some minor nits:

4. The comment above `size_for_adjusting_sp' states it's used in expand_epilogue(),
which it isn't.

5. The "Compute this since .." comment in moxie_initial_elimination_offset () should
probably refer to callee_saved_reg_size not local_vars_size, to match the code.

6. There are two idential definitions of TRULY_NOOP_TRUNCATION(op,ip) in moxie.h.
The first one looks misplaced and should probably be deleted.


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