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Re: Adoption of C subset standards

> On Jan 9, 2017, at 1:55 PM, Richard Kenner <> wrote:
>> But as for a license, it's hard to see why that might be.  You can't
>> copyright rules (only a particular expression of same, and only to
>> the extend that the "sweat of the brow" rule doesn't apply).  And it
>> doesn't sound like patentable matter either.  That said, if some
>> outfit thinks it can ask for licensing on matter of this kind, that
>> in itself is in my mind sufficient to exclude them from any
>> consideration.
> The issue is trademark.  When you can use the term "MISRA" to describe
> something.  It's my understanding that you can't use the term to
> describe something that checks rules without paying the license fee
> for the trademark, but this is a complex issue and needs to be 
> doublechecked.

I suppose that would be true if you refer to MISRA in the messages.  If you don't then you're not using the trademark.

But still, I'm back to my previous comment.  People who try to extract license fees for stuff like this should just be rejected.  It's bad enough we have ISO doing this; we should not put up with random others trying to do the same.


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